Is Your Car Transmission Giving You Problems? Learn How to Troubleshoot Properly

Your vehicle transmission is one of the essential yet complex systems that you’ll ever come across. Apart from the truth that there are two different types of car transmission, namely – automatic and manual – there are also a few other things that you require to learn to be able to be a qualified driver. 

Since the transmission is a complex system, the problems that it might show will also be of similar caliber. To assist you with that we are sharing some basic troubleshooting measures that you carry out – with the help of cheap mobile mechanic services.

The Work Of A Car Transmission

Most car owners out there think that their car transmission’s only task is to make the vehicle move from one place to another. Even though that is one of the functions of a car transmission, it’s certainly not the only one though. The transmission is responsible for controlling the amount of power that is to be transferred from the engine to the car wheels.

For instance, when you’re going uphill or speeding up, the transmission increases the power delivery to the wheels. Alternatively, when going downhill or cruising on the highway, the power delivery is decreased. 

An automatic transmission does all of the above-mentioned functions automatically without any changing gears by the driver. On the manual side of things, gears need to be changed accordingly to increase or decrease the power delivery. It should be realized that automatic transmissions are much more efficient, easy to use, and are safer than manual ones. However, all transmissions do wear out over time and thereby start giving out problems as a result. 

Major Transmission Problems And The Ways To Fix Them

Transmission Is Slipping

When you drive your car, it should be able to change its gears seamlessly. Slipping transmission occurs when the car changes gears unexpectedly and therefore your car engine will be running at an excessively high RPM. You can also feel a lack of power when you press the accelerator. 

The first thing to note in this case is that – if there’s a slipping transmission, your car is not safe or even reliable to be driven on roads. Times like these are when you need to contact a professional mobile car mechanic. This issue can also occur due to non-maintenance of the vehicle over time. 

A Burning Smell

Amidst the moments when you’re driving your car and you get a burning smell, it should be a cause for greater concern. In case your engine is working perfectly fine, then most probably, it’s because of the transmission fluid that’s burning or overheating. 

If that’s the case, then it can lead to increased production of heat as well as friction. At that moment, you should stop driving your car and take it to your nearest car mechanic for a check-up. 

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