Important Facts About Wall Plastering That HomeOwners Should Know

Grey wall

If you want to get the walls painted, then you cannot overlook the importance of plastering. It certainly is not possible to paint walls if they are not plastered. This task has to be done for both old and new walls. It helps improve the lifespan of the walls.

Plastering is always done on the walls before the painting task. If you want to achieve a smooth finish on the wall, then plastering is essential. You can hire the best “plasterers in Auckland” to get this job done efficiently. Professional plastering and house painting services will accomplish this task best, as per your requirements.

To avoid expensive mistakes it is just that the walls have to be painted only if they are plastered. When performing this task, the walls are also repaired. All cracks and holes on the wall can be repaired during the plastering task. You just need to hire the best team for this task.

Why plastering is essential?

Plastering is essential for many reasons. The first and most important benefit of plastering is that it helps repair damaged walls. If you notice a lot of cracks and holes on the walls, then plastering will prove effective in covering them.

Plastering will also help in maintaining the texture of the walls for years. You can create any texture on the walls using plastering techniques. Plastering has to be done on the walls so you can easily paint the walls.

Why plastering should never be overlooked?

Overlooking plastering can be your biggest mistake. If you want to improve the life span of the home, you cannot overlook the plastering works. If you expect to paint the walls then plastering acts as the base material. The plastering layer will help in holding the paint to the surface for years.

So plastering is an essential part of the wall preparation. The old paint on the wall has to be scrapped before a new coat can be painted. You have to plaster the walls and then apply a new paint layer. This means that plastering will help in offering a very smooth texture to the walls.

If you expect the paint to last on the walls for years, then plastering is the only solution. If you use quality plastering material, then you have to use a single coat of paint. Without plastering, you may need three times more paint material.

Plastering makes walls durable

Wall is not precisely plastered to look flat as it should

If the wall is not plastered, then it is less durable. It may easily develop cracks. Walls that are not plastered, may soak up more paint. You may also notice that plastered walls will hold paint on the top surface for many years.

It makes the walls waterproof. Plastering material will also make the walls weatherproof. If the wall is not plastered then the home is less energy efficient. It will soak up more heat and humidity from the atmosphere.

Walls that are not plastered will also collapse within a short period. The top layer of plastering material will also make the walls highly durable.

You have multiple options

There are so many plastering materials available in the market. You can use plastering mix or plastering boards. You just have to hire the best team to plaster the walls. The right choice of plastering material will depend on the expert team you hire for the job.

You can select from amongst oil-based, boards, latex, and shellac-based plastering materials. For outdoors the plastering material will also have to be mixed with waterproofing material to make it last for a longer time.

You can search for more information related to plastering material and boards online or in the store nearby to your home. You can hire an expert team to help you select the right material.


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