How To Clean Your Driveway And Pathway: Seven DIY Steps

When you are cleaning your driveway or pathways, you need to use the steps below to keep the area as clean as possible. You can use each of these tips to clean the area when you have a bit of debris on the ground, or you could completely clean the area because it is covered with gunk, dirt, and grass. You can start with the simplest tips, and you can move on to more complex tips when needed.

1. Trim and Edge Your Lawn

You need to trim and edge the lawn if you want to clean your driveway or pathways. You cannot see how clean the area is if you have grass hanging over the edges of the driveway and pathway. Plus, you need to make sure that you have pulled any extra grass from the corners where it may be difficult to cut the grass or use a trimmer.

2. Sweep All Debris

You need to sweep all debris from the walkways and driveway. Sweeping the area clean makes it easier for you to clean the rocks, concrete, or asphalt. You do not want the dirt and debris to be in the way when you start washing everything, and you do not want the dirt or debris to get lodged in the stone when it is pressure washed.

3. Use A Pressure Washer

You can get a small pressure washer that is easy to use and not very powerful. You do not want to use a commercial unit because they produce more power than you think. Moreover, you need to make sure that you have followed all the safety procedures that are provided with the machine. This makes it much easier for you to keep the driveway clean, and you will find that washing the driveway is not difficult. You can easily control the device, and you can clean every inch of the driveway or walkway.

Make sure that you have cleaned the edges of the walkways or driveways so that you can see the cleanliness reach down to the ground.

4. Brush Away the Excess Water

You need to use a large sweeper to brush away all the excess water on the ground. When you do that, you are revealing the clean the driveway that you have just created. You will see any spots that you might have missed, or you will find the stains that might be set into the concrete or asphalt.

You can brush away the excess water every time you use the pressure washer, and you can easily assess the space because there is no standing water. Plus, you do not want to leave standing water on the driveway because it could pool or run into your garage.

5. Clean the Welcome Mat

You can use a service like Drymaster GC carpet cleaning to ensure that the welcome mat looks perfect. Cleaning the welcome mat ensures that people are greeted properly when they come to your home, and you can use the welcome mat to make a good first impression when your guests ring the doorbell.

6. Adjust the Stepstones

You should adjust your stepstones if they are set in gravel. You may even remove the stepstones for cleaning. You can lay them on the lawn, spray them down with the pressure washer, and put them back when they are clean. You can take the time to adjust the stones or gravel that hold these stepstones in place, and you will have a stable place to walk.

7. Pull Away Grass in All the Grooves

You should pull all grass away from the grooves in the driveway or walkways. You must get rid of all grass so that you have a clean surface to walk on. Plus, you can use a bit of weed killer to destroy any grassroots that are left behind.


Cleaning your driveway and walkways is much easier when you are using the tips listed below. Most people think they need to spend hours cleaning their driveway, but you can get this process done much faster when you are using each step. You can prepare ahead of time, and you will save money when you are cleaning the driveway by yourself.

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