How to Bring in Traffic with Web Design

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Revamping your business website to expand its visibility or give it a more meaningful online presence may be necessary from time to time. Despite its many potential benefits, this task is often daunting and distractive. This is especially true if you prefer to focus on your company’s everyday mission-critical activities.

When looking to create a traffic-worthy site, there are many aesthetic and functional upgrades to keep in mind.

1. Make it User-Friendly

If your website isn’t user-friendly, most visitors will come and leave quickly. They won’t take their time to explore your various offerings if they encounter difficulty transitioning from one page or section to another. That hinders your web traffic growth.

Website visitors prefer sites that are easy to navigate. If they came to buy a product or check out a resource on your site, they’d like it to be straightforward to search and find. Make it intuitive for any visitor, not just the tech-savvy.

To make website sections or pages easy to locate, provide navigation elements like clickable text and icons. Keep it consistent and use relevant navigation titles to avoid confusing visitors. With a strategically located search box, you can enable users to find information anywhere on your site quickly.

Don’t forget to build a site that works perfectly for desktop and mobile users. Responsive website design lets you maximize web traffic from popular devices like smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Mobile browsing becomes more common every year.  

2. Offer Coupons

Coupon marketing is another viable way to spark customer interest in your web-based offerings. It entails reaching out to prospects that are unfamiliar with your business and offering them irresistible deals.

Some tips for running successful coupon campaigns include:

  Don’t overdo it or make it look spammy– Segment customers based on your  research on their unique needs. Then, send out targeted, relevant, and concise promotional messaging.

  Offer unique deals, so it’s not always the same thing– Design your campaigns to suit the occasion or a special time of the year like Halloween or Thanksgiving.

  Incorporate email marketing– You can send emails to prospects that have signed up for electronic correspondence.

  Infuse a sense of urgency– One-day promotions or offering a limited stock are some practical ideas to get more recipients rushing your site to grab your competitive offers.

3. Hire a Designer

There’s a good reason why website design is one of the most outsourced business services today, even for companies with an in-house design team. As you focus on what you do best, a professional designer builds a versatile site optimized for search engines and multiple OS environments. You won’t need to permanently hire a fully-fledged web development team for one-off upgrades or occasional maintenance issues.

Besides helping you save on web design costs, an outsourced expert designer creates stunning user experiences that convert to more sales. They know the qualities of a good website and are conversant with best practices for responsive design, faster load times, and other web page features that encourage visitors to stay longer and engage more.

4. Implement SEO Tactics

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the volume of highly converting visits to your business website. Incorporating the concept into your web design helps boost the quantity and quality of traffic to your site from organic search on Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

There are several practical SEO strategies, including:

  Building relevant backlinks

  Leveraging local SEO by targeting search phrases that include terms like “near me”

  Keyword optimization

  Publishing original content

5. Choose an Aesthetic

Aesthetics are just as important as most functional web design elements. It’s all about creating great first impressions that new visitors will forever associate with your brand. Many visitors will not even get to the content if the overall feel or look puts them off.

Consider these tips to improve your site’s aesthetics:

  Use typographic hierarchy to organize your typeface/font in a visually appealing way, letting readers easily navigate to the content they’re after

  Maximize text legibility by using the right background contrast level against your preferred font color. For example, white font color on a darker texture or image is easier to read.

  Use appropriate imagery and typography to neatly and logically organize your content throughout the website.

  Leverage user flow to guide each visitor from one part of the site to another based on their specific intent.

Website Design Outsourcing

A modern business website that serves its intended purpose takes time and expertise to design and develop. Your site should incorporate crucial features like streamlined navigation, mobile-friendliness, and SEO to attract maximum online traffic levels. It usually takes a professional web designer to upgrade your site to the next success level.

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