How Do You Use Personal Photography To Grow Your Brand?

We have come to appreciate the role of photography in our lives. With the advent of modern technology, it has even become a closer part of our lives and helped to shape our daily lives in different ways.

Whereas some brands have taken advantage of modern technology and cyberspace to advance brands through technology, others are yet to realize the full potential of this captivating aspect of life. This notwithstanding, this is one space that can significantly uplift your reach and ultimately your profit. In other words, you can use personal photography to grow your brand way beyond anything you ever thought of. Here is how.

1. Share Your Posts On Social Media.

Social media has become an integral point of connection and you can take advantage of this to make some professional connections. The point here is that you constantly keep sharing photos that create a story about your brand to a point that people can easily recognize and acknowledge you for what you do.

The hospitality industry is a good example. Sharing photos of your premises indicating showing beautiful sceneries around the property is an appetizing way of sending a marketing message. It appeals to the eye. 

This is also applicable to professionals in other spaces. If you are a public speaker, you can tell your story on social media photographically by keeping people updated on places you have been to or you plan to have engagements.

2. Have Them On Your Website.

Your website should be a space that helps to advance your brand. Displaying photos throughout your website helps visitors to gather as much information as cannot be told by word of mouth. As demonstrated by Porfyri, photos are captivating and easy to evaluate.

When there is a headshot and people can put a face to your website and brand, they will trust you fast and more easily. In addition, the website may serve as the first point of contact and photos will help to build confidence.

3. Use Them In Email Signatures.

Emailing today allows the sender to sign out in a stylish format of their choice. Attaching a photo is a good way of marketing and advertising, especially when sending out emails to new potential clients.

Photos have a way of persuading people and helping to strike a conversation. They can be good ice breakers. In addition, photos help in demystifying the messenger behind the message, thus boosting the chances of getting feedback.

The other element of photos is helping to commit to memory what a reader has come across. A friendly smiling face is can entice the recipient of the message to get deeper into the conversation.

4. Send an Image With Your Bio Whenever Possible.

 In the world of marketing, constant pitching is part of the business. Sometimes, potential clients will ask for a short bio. Whereas this is something you probably already have prepared in advance, attaching a suitable photo helps to create a better connection with the recipient. This could actually be the connection between you and a good deal. Entice the potential clients with your photo when sending out a photo.

5. Send Photos Alongside Press Releases.

So you have an event and you want to invite the media through press releases? Send photos along!. 

The media today is more of visual space and the more people see rather than read, the better placed they are to relate to a story. As you send your invitation, therefore, send a photo or photos along. It is a way of drumming up support to go very well with the free marketing that the media coverage brings along.

6. Use Photos on Your Profile Pictures.

In the world of communication today, there are lots of ways to keep a visual attachment with your message recipients. A lot of social media platforms have ways through which you can constantly update photos and profile pictures. You can use the profile picture to tell your story over and over. This one keeps the profile fresh and helps to drive home a given message. It is, therefore, a good way of advertising.

In addition, various platforms allow users to create personal stories which can, in turn, be used as brand stories.


Modern photography is way too advanced and offers a lot of advantages to those who seize the opportunity. One of the key things that personal branding must take advantage of is thorough photography. This means that one must invest in quality and ensure that all the pieces that hit the public eye helped to push the brand forward.

 Granted, personal branding through photography has come of age and it is taking over in a manner hitherto unexpected. It is also important to combine photography with other elements such as written material and videos where possible.

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