Have lots of floor space? Use them creatively!

Floor Space

If the Covid pandemic has taught us anything, it is that – there is no greater pleasure than having a comfortable home. A space that makes you feel safe, secure, cosy, content, and comforted. And the millennial property market has also taught us that square-footage is a treasure. So, wasting even an inch of space is not an option anymore.

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want you to have a crammed-up place. No, we are not in the favour of a cluttered home. What we mean is using space and giving it a proper lay-out is a key to a comfortable home. Barren spaces often make homes feel cold. And surely, all of us want our homes to be warm and inviting. We have you covered – some easy-to-follow ideas to floor you and use up your floor space as well!

Some creative ideas to use the extra floor space attractively

Before we talk about glamorising the surplus floor space in your house, let us talk about the attractive floor options you can consider for your house. For such large spaces, milky white marble or natural stone can look stunning. But you can also opt for porcelain tiles in Melbourne from Ceramic Tile Imports. The large options of tiles available with them give you ample ideas to choose your pick from their store. After installing one of the most fantastic tiles in your home, utilise the spare space by trying out the tricks listed below:

Furniture is a fusion of flair and functionality 

A barren hallway, an empty space near a staircase, a living room wall that is bare – they take away from the charm of your house. Create a functional zone with furniture. A beautiful console table in the hallway can be complemented with wall plaques or an art-work or an ornamental mirror – it not only adds a WOW factor to the space, but you can use the drawers for storing your keys etc.

A chest of drawers or a cabinet could store your shoes flanked by two ottomans for you to sit and tie the laces maybe? You get the idea. How about creating a reading nook near the staircase with a step-up shaped bookcase, a floor lamp, and a recliner or high-back chair and footstool? The options are limitless like your creativity. Such cosy zones would add life to your space.

Use floor lamps

Lamps on tables are a cliché. Mover over and make way for statement floor lamps. They can be as trendy and designer as you like and even help to make your room appear brighter, impart illumination, create mood and drama with the light and shadow effect.

Area rugs can spell magic 

Area rugs can be the game changers in any space. If you match them with the décor theme, they tend to create an enriching effect here. If it’s finely designed or patterned, it adds an artistic touch to the place. Say, a spare footage in your living room shall come alive with a bohemian or Persian floor rug – add some cushions, casually pile some books – and you add beauty and purpose to the space at one go.

Go Green

An extra space in the house is the best place to welcome greenery indoors. Potted plants immediately add life to any space. Place a cluster of potted plants near a corner wall, add shelves to the wall and add tiny vases – voila! A designer nook. An empty balcony can become cosy with artificial turf. Put some comfy chairs and a table – you have the perfect spot for your morning or evening cuppa.


Don’t you agree that these ideas are fabulous to use your spare space and also create design magic? Now take a look at all the nooks and corners of your home and plan a perfect revamp. 


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