Have An Old Car In Your Garage? Here Is What You Can Do With It

Do you have any old car sitting in your garage, not it to use? There are many things that you can do it. Old doesn’t mean it is not useful anymore. You can even make money out of it by following specific reuse methods. It doesn’t matter how run down it is; you can do many things with your old vehicle. Some might take more than a couple of hundred bucks. Here are some things that you can do with it. 

1. Trade it

If your car model is a classic one that is still on demand, then you can trade it for a new one. You can take the whole amount you get for it for a new car. If your vehicle is in good condition, you might be able to get a fair deal and a couple of hundreds as profit. You can end up with a decent amount of money for a new one. Sometimes you might have to add a little more to it to get a new one. This deal is a better one, but it does have its downsides. First of all, you will be offered a meager price initially. Because most dealers sell it for higher profits. Keep that in mind and negotiate with the dealers. Be prepared for a bargain even if the car is in excellent condition. 

Sometimes, if you plan to buy a brand new car using this money, you might need to have to find a large difference in the sum between the old car and the new car. 

2. Barter it

If you have someone you know interested in your car, you can consider giving it to them for something in return. Some good barter trade can come handy in this case if they have something that they don’t mind giving to you. Some people have a hobby of driving around and even fixing old cars. They are easy to find,  you print out an ad in a local daily. They will find you, and depending on your likeness, you can give it to them. Your trash can be somebody else’s treasure. 

3. Donate it

Donating your old car is a noble idea. You can get a write-off of your tax by doing so. All cars require regular service. Old cars need more than routine service. Donate your vehicle only if it is in an excellent drivable condition. If it can work with minimum repair, it would be a good option. Do not think of it as an opportunity to dump your car somewhere and save some space in your home. It would be unfortunate if your donated car is adding too much to the daily expense of whoever is using it. Give your vehicle only if it is drivable and easy to maintain. 

4. Dismantle it

There is a lot of market for second-hand good condition car parts all over the country. Scrap cars in Auckland manage a lot of requests for used parts every day. You can dismantle your vehicle with the help of a mechanic and sell the usable parts in these markets and get money. It is better than making it sit idle in your garage and let the rust damage it beyond repair. If you know your way around cars, this is the best way to earn some money and get rid of the vehicle if you do not want it anymore. 

5. Sell it

You can also sell your car to a scrap yard and get some money in your pocket. There are several advantages. You do not have to worry about the car anymore. You get a decent amount and more space left in your garage.

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