Essential Blogger Skills to Include in Your Resume

blogger skills on resume

The focus of your resume falls on abilities and achievements. If you are an affluent blogger who knows the ins and outs of quality writing, list this on your resume. Include the relevant freelance or professional blogging experience. 

Employers need successful online marketing campaigns to grow and promote their business. Your ability to attract and persuade people with words is the thing they want to see. Blogging is a complex marketing tool essential for the business world.

The Blog Frog suggests these 8 sought-after blogging skills for a resume or income boost:

1. Show Your Copywriting Skills

We live in a digital world that revolves around online marketing. Your copywriting skill is a valuable asset. It’s useful for advertising campaigns, business emails, product descriptions, etc. Quality content is a must for a successful business. 

Blogging on different topics develops your personal writing style and skills. Travel, beauty, finance, lifestyle, or even political blog posts help you learn and improve. It’s an added plus if you like the subject of your assignment. This way you feel it less like work and more like a way to express your ideas.  As the saying goes:

“Choose a job you love and you never have to work a day in your life”. 

2. Brand Identity Skills

Blogs are popular, and it’s easy to own one. But you need a powerful brand to stand out among the crowd. Brainstorm your vision and mission as a blogger. Showcase your distinct qualities. Establish a sense of identity and boost your blog score. Choose the most suitable themes, colors, and fonts to leave a lasting impression. Take the time and preview top successful resume samples so you make sure you stand out.

Market your brand to set it apart from the ordinary. Be creative and think out of the box. A unique brand and excellent marketing strategy make a recipe for success. Employers value the ability to understand the core of a business and present it to the world. 

3. Be a Social Media Guru

Social media is the king of online marketing. It’s the best way to promote your blog, no matter what field it comes from. Social media is a powerful tool. It lets you present your product to the world and triggers word-of-mouth. 

There are various social platforms and each has its quirks. The more you post, the more tips and tricks you learn. With time you become a successful online marketer. The social media skills you gain are another plus in your resume and employers love when they see it. 

4. Showcase Your Web Design Skills

Websites are a commodity nowadays. And you don’t have to be a tech guru or computer genius to create one. But it’s a plus if you know a thing or two about web design. Many popular platforms allow you to create web pages from scratch. While you create and maintain your website, you gain knowledge in layout, graphics, and other design-related fields. 

These skills show potential employers that you are a tech-savvy candidate. 

blogger skills on resume

5. Show Your SEO Proficiency

Search engine optimization helps increase traffic to a web page and popularize it. It picks up keywords, titles, and other optimized content from your website. If you are a blogger, then you are familiar with the fundamentals of SEO. You know how to make your website appear in the front pages of search results. This valuable marketing experience gives a good boost to your resume. Employers value SEO proficient candidates because they can promote and optimize business.   

6. Point out Your Content Creation and Graphic Design Skills

You need more than an excellent copy. It takes a lot of hard work, creativity, and brainstorming to make a killer blog. Select the perfect images, post on social media, trigger email campaigns, and offer digital products. Interact with your audience. Create engaging and innovative content that sets you apart from the crowd. Explore market trends and bring in fresh ideas to your blog. 

Use graphic design tools to help you make an eye-catching content. There are various software programs available. You learn on the go and the more you work with the software, the more you advance. If you have graphic design experience, list it in your CV.

7. Shoot and Photo Editing Skills

Quality photos are essential for blog posts. People see before they read and photos illustrate your content and ideas. Stock photos are a common choice, but you better grab a camera or smartphone if you want to impress your visitors. Self-photography strengthens your brand identity and makes it unique. 

It’s hard at the beginning, but perfection comes with practice. Use photo editing software to enhance the quality of your images. If you advance in photography and editing, other brands can contact you with a request to use your photos for their online products. You can strike a good deal out of it. 

8. Influencer Marketing and Collaboration Skills

Rich emotional intelligence and the ability to persuade people with your content is essential for the business world. Bloggers are true influencers. 

You know how to recognize and collaborate with other influencers. You can tell who is professional, and who is a bragger. This skill is helpful if you pursue a position in influencer marketing. 

Employers need reliable influencers who can find and work together with others. Mutual collaboration between influencers is a huge plus for any business. Include the skill in your resume. In case your resume stresses you out can always look to get some help, you know.

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