Electrical Safety Is Serious – It’s Time You Followed it!

Just how many times do you hear of accidents when a child dies due to an electric shock or current? Or an entire household burns down into an electric fire! Isn’t it unfortunate that electricity, on which we are so much dependent upon, can actually snatch away our lives and house due to just minor mistakes or problems? And the joke of the day is – people still don’t take it seriously!

Electrical Safety Tips Especially for Your Home!

Normally, we are safe and secure and happily using electricity in our homes until some problem appears in our main switch or wiring or any other electrical appliance or unit.  But these often happen because of our carelessness. And to ensure that you don’t get prone to such unfortunate events, we have listed some special tips for electrical safety for your home. Be sure you’re following them religiously at all costs.

  • Never DIY electrical installations and problems — You often try to repair and change any electrical switch, appliance, button, socket, etc on your own. We are highly against it and so are the expert electricians like Oakley Electrical Contractors having domestic electrical installation certificate. They suggest that any such minute and major work should be tended to by expert and experienced electricians in the field like themselves who are the best in the field for domestic electricity jobs. If you try DIY in such dangerous work, there are high chances of electrical failure, shocks, and even fires because of your incompetence.
  • Don’t ignore even a minute electrical fault — No matter if it’s just the flickering of the light or a slight current from your grinder, once you notice some issue, never ever take it lightly. Always get help from the professionals as soon as you can to prevent the massive dangers of tomorrow.
  • Switch off the main switch when you notice a problem — Experienced a shock? Saw a spark? Or is it a bulb explosion? Don’t let the matter get worse. Take a wooden log and switch off the main switch immediately. Then you can call your electrician to attend to the issue.

  • Don’t overload your sockets — If you have a socket that can bear only one plugin it, why are you trying to press in more? Don’t you know this can cause sparks and electrical failure in the house?
  • Avoid using appliances or switches with wet hands — Water is a good conductor of electricity! This means it can pass electric current to you when there’s an issue in your ground connection. And if you touch switches, buttons, or any other electrical device with water in your hands, you know you aren’t safe.
  •  Don’t pull the chords from the switches — Pulling off the chords vigorously from the switches isn’t just unethical but it’s also totally unsafe! This can damage the plug, for one thing, even your switch may come out if the plug is tight, and the chances of sparks during such time are high too.

These are extremely important tips to ensure that your house remains safe from the damage that can happen due to improper use of electrical facilities. Well, we know electricity is a blessing, try not to turn it into a curse due to your mistakes! 

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