Christmas Living Room Decoration Ideas to Get You in the Festive Spirit

Christmas season is upon us and albeit the circumstances are different this year due to the coronavirus, we still need some holiday cheer. Especially since we’re spending so much time in our homes.  

What better way to get into the festive mood than by decorating the living room and creating a pleasant atmosphere for our loved ones? To decorate your living space, you do not require a vast amount of money. Some creativity and our Christmas living room decoration ideas will suffice.  

Get Colorful Plates 

Christmas is usually associated with red and green but there are so many colors you could use to make your living room festive. Gold, silver and even white can be ideal for your Christmas decorations. If you already have some colorful plates, perfect! Bring them out and arrange them on the dining room table along with some festive glasses, if you have them. 

You can also get some colorful, holiday mugs which can be purchased for a cheap price almost everywhere, and turn your morning coffee or hot chocolate into Christmas magic. Something as simple as this can really make a difference in your mood.  

Decorate Your Dining Table with Simple, Natural Elements 

The meal is usually the focus of a holiday which calls for some dining table decoration ideas. We want to make it feel special even if the meal itself isn’t as glamorous as you’d want it to be. Christmas is all about a cozy atmosphere and the warmth of the family home and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be just that this year too. 

Speaking of warmth and intimacy, wooden furniture is perfect for achieving that. If you happen to have a wooden dining room table and chairs, all it takes is a few festive details here and there to create the ultimate Christmas atmosphere.  

The dining room area deserves your attention even if you don’t have a separate dining room. Decorate the area in such a way to complement the décor of the living room. You could create a beautiful centerpiece using branches from your Christmas tree and some pinecones. You can place them in a large glass bowl and add a dash of red and other Christmas colors to it to complete the look.  

Adding some red fruit to the table such as apples, pomegranates or red currant berries is also a great, yet simple way to decorate your dining room area using inexpensive, natural elements.  

Use Candles and Christmas Lights 

The simple act of lighting some candles or hanging some Christmas lights in a visible place can put you in a festive mood and enhance your home décor. Everything is more romantic, intimate, and cozy with candlelight, even a simple meal you share with your family. 

Get several candles in various sizes and place them on your dining table. Save some to put on your coffee table as well. You could put some Christmas lights on your Christmas tree, or if you don’t have one, you can hang them on the windows, fireplace, place them around the TV set, etc. Get creative with it! 

Get Baking! 

For most of us, Christmas is also about sweets. Hence, Christmas cookies should really be regarded as part of your Christmas decorations. With the help of some cookie cutters and a little bit of red and green food dye, you can create lovely festive cookies to place in a glass bowl or a large plate on your living room table.  

Don’t worry if you’re not precisely excellent at baking because these cookies are to be enjoyed with your eyes too. Besides, you’ve made them with love and that’s what this season is about. As long as they’re freshly made and decorated, they’re good to go. 

Get a Christmas Tree 

A Christmas tree is a symbol of the festive season and for many, it is inevitable. A tall, beautifully decorated tree placed near your dining room table so that everyone can enjoy it while sharing a meal is wonderful. 

However, there are so many options and ways to get creative if you don’t want to get a classic Christmas tree. You can get an eco-friendly, sustainable potted Christmas tree which you plant once the festive season is over. This way, you get to enjoy having a tree but you also have peace of mind knowing that you’re saving the Earth’s precious resources. 

Another alternative would be to get a simple wooden Christmas tree that looks incredibly modern and creative. You can even craft it yourself if you’re handy. All you need are several thin boards or branches. Tie or glue them together in a Christmas tree shape, and that’s it. You can ornament your tree with some lights only or you can add a few extra details, as you wish. 


As you can see, Christmas decorating ideas can be incredibly simple but very effective in creating a festive mood. Get busy decorating and have a merry Christmas! 

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