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With PDFs, works are much more manageable, not just more comfortable, but the size of every PDF is not larger than any other type of file available for office-related kinds of stuff. Reports are also much easier to present, but all users know or encounter mistakes sometimes and need to edit before submitting. 

We wouldn’t want to re-edit these files using their original format and convert them again into PDFs. That is why there are PDF editors available online to make editing much more comfortable and less hassle, just like PDFBear.

Why you should edit PDF file instead it’s the original file

Can you imagine yourself re-doing your files all over again? From editing it on its original file to converting it also to PDF, it wouldn’t be a hassle and will consume so much of your time. That is why edit PDF online is available on the internet to help you with your dilemmas. 

Steps on how to edit your PDF online

PDF files are now the best solution for sharing your files through the internet safely. Even big companies and government officials use them. But there are times where you need to make changes to your documents. It can be adding up something to your file or adding comments to your co-worker’s file.

There can be many PDF editors available online, but PDFBear can help you edit all of your PDFs online more comfortably and only consume seconds of your time. You wouldn’t worry about your time being at risk. All you have to do is follow the following steps, and you’re good to go.

First, upload the PDF file you want to edit online, or they include an option wherein you can drag and drop the files you wanted to edit on the website. Second, When you have uploaded the file you tried to edit, you can immediately start drawing, adding shapes, or add extra words, and lastly, you can even highlight the essential parts of your document.

Third, When you finish editing your PDF, you can directly click the apply button provided. Lastly, when you have completed the three steps provided, they will take you to the download page in no time where you can download your newly edited PDF file, or you can directly send it thru email or save it to your cloud or even google drive.

How to edit like an expert with PDF online

Received new PDF documents from your co-workers online? Needs to review, edit, Redact PDF, or add a comment to their work, but thoughts on how you can do it in this section advice provided for you on how you can edit your PDF online expertly.

The first thing you should know is the tools or buttons available for editing PDF online. Before starting with all of your editing works, you should look at all of the editing tools available on your PDF editor and know what they are. In PDFBear, there are three handy tools available for free.

Using these three useful tools, you can change or add something to the text that can be found directly in your PDF file. Here are the three valuable tools included in the PDFBear online PDF editor.


Text boxes, use the text box, click the text button, click anywhere in your PDF file where you want to put the added text or comment, and directly type. You can also draw in your PDF now with PDFBear.

Highlights are also an available tool in PDFBear using highlights to emphasize something important or gain your readers’ attention. You can also add rectangles, ellipses, and lines with PDFBear. Lastly, adding images to your PDF file is also possible with PDFBear.

Each of the tools provided in PDFBear will surely add up different magic properties for your PDF files. These tools are provided for your PDF files so you wouldn’t undergo any frustrating situations, especially when you are in a hurry.

There can be a large number of methods on how you can edit your PDF file without ruining it. But PDFBear will surely help you in editing those files like a pro and without issues. Just follow the guides we have provided on how you can edit it, and you wouldn’t undergo frustrations anymore. Never think twice about using PDFBear it’s free. Conversely, you can use a tool like UsefulPDF to turn your PDF into a Word document before to edit.


Why undergo so much pressure or consume too much of your time editing your presentation when you can edit it immediately online and don’t need any expert knowledge. Just search for PDFBear and find an edited PDF, and everything will be hassle-free. All you have to do is wait for the magic to happen.

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