Cash Security for Seniors: Here’s How to Protect You from Scammers

The number of senior people reported as the prey of financial scams is increasing every year. Because of limited knowledge of operating technology they easily get trapped. Using some essential tips can help you to protect yourself from all kinds of scammers. 

8 essential tips to protect yourself

Following these tips will help the seniors to protect themselves from getting involved in any kind of scam. 

1. Be alert from the biggest risk of the strangers

According to the report, 90% of the abuse done to elders is committed by their family members. Generally, the adult children have their joint checking account with their parents and instead of paying cash regularly, they ignore it. Most of the time the seniors are not able to find out the problem in their account and they think some strangers have caused the threat of cash security. But they don’t have any idea that this abuse is done by their family members. 

Don’t think that people with high income are the victim of such scams, as any of the seniors can become the target of the scammers. 

2. Don’t detach yourself from everyone

Isolation is one of the biggest risk factors for senior abuse. When you are not living with your family, the chances of getting involved in any scam increases. Anyone can ask you to pay cash for buying any product or service asking for additional information like your credit card details, which can give way to a big crime.  Try to get more information about the latest technology updates. Moreover, stay involved with the society members so that you can gain extra knowledge and no one can target you by thinking you are isolated. 

3. Never purchase anything from fictitious resource

Don’t make the mistake of buying anything from an unfamiliar company. They can ask you to write your details and to donate some money to any particular charity. These kinds of spams are reported many times and elder citizens are the highest reported victims.   

Also, never purchase or donate anything that requires your credit card information. Instead, start inquiring about the company to find out whether it is authentic or not. Report immediately if you find anything doubtful. 

4. Shred all important receipts with your credit card information

This is a very beneficial tip which most of the senior people generally forget to do. To safeguard yourself from any spam, invest in buying a paper shredder. Read all receipts with your credit card and other bank details that can give way to a scam. Never give any personal information on the phone to someone who calls you regularly for such details. 

5. Keep a regular check on your mail 

You have to be very careful by keeping a regular check on your emails. Do not allow any incoming mail to be in your mailbox for a long time. Also, if you are dropping your sensitive information on it, don’t give it to anyone else for the courier. Do it yourself. Moreover, keep on checking your credit ratings at

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6. Use direct deposit to protect your cheque from being stolen  

Make sure that you drop your cheque into direct deposits that go directly into your account. This is the most protected way to keep clever scammers away from victimizing you. Many of the scammers and even your secret family members can steal your cheque from your mailbox to get benefit out of it. 

7. Never give your personal information over the phone  

Misusing the Medicare dollars of the seniors is the largest recorded scam. you have to be very protected with your Medicare number because you use that number for making many transactions in your everyday life. Keep reviewing your Medicare statements to make sure that any suspicious transaction is not done. 

8. Be dubious of all spontaneous offers

You have to be an informed consumer. Though you are not much technophile, at least you can make some research on things around you. Many scammers can attractive with several offers that can sound good but only offered to victimize you. Do not give any information to avail any discount or offer until you researched the company completely. Always take help from any knowledgeable person who can help you in making the right decision. 

Moreover, you have to be very careful when reading the purchasing agreement because after signing the agreement anything cannot be changed. Several companies are opened with the perspective of performing fraudulent activities. They will look very similar to the normal companies but steal all your important information with cleverness and you will not be able to make out what happened with you exactly.

Final Thought

Hopefully, these tips will help the senior citizens to keep themselves informed and protect themselves from everyday scams. 

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