Best Places for Solo Female Travellers


Are you a female traveller looking for a new destination to travel to, on your own? You’ve come to the right place, as we have a list of top 6 destinations perfectly safe and incredibly adventuristic for every female traveller. Whether you’re looking for countries with rich history or the ones that will offer you the ultimate Zen  vacation, we have it all. Check out where we think you should travel next on your solo vacation.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is one of the easiest destinations to explore, thanks to its size. You will never feel lonely or bored in Reykjavik because, in only an hour, you can go from fascinating Hallgrimskirkja, past the Old Port to the vibey Grandagardur quarter. Are you craving some cinnamon rolls? Head to Brauð & Co. after you’ve had the most delectable lamb at Tides. You cannot miss out on the iconic Sky Lagoon –the trademark geothermal day spa that attracts thousands of tourists to Reykjavik.

Dublin, Ireland

When you want to feel like you’re surrounded by your family and friends, head to Dublin. People in Ireland are one of the friendliest and most welcoming people you’ll meet. On top of that, the city boasts fascinating architecture while the streets feature musicians who will make your every day a true enjoyment. Put museums and historical sights on your to-visit list and head to Trinity College Library, the Museum of Literature, or the Book of Kells. If you’ve always wanted to visit the city that mixes the best of joy, poetry, and glamour – Dublin will exceed your expectations.

Bali, Indonesia

Sometimes all you need is a little TLC to feel like a brand-new woman. Once that feeling arises, pack your bags and head to Indonesia’s paradise island – Bali. Relish in the tranquillity and Zen vibes on this heavenly island and book your vacation in a Goddess Retreats Bali is proud to be home to. Bali features a thriving ex-pat community, so you will always find a friendly face. You will always feel at home thanks to the Balinese’s humbleness, friendliness, and respect towards tourists. Find your Zen whilst meditating, doing yoga or enjoying delectable food in Indonesia. For those more into exploring and experiencing the liveliness of Bali, bars, markets, and vibrant nightlife will offer everything you’re asking for from a tropical island.

Tokyo, Japan

Travelling alone can be intimidating if you’re about to head to a foreign country without knowledge of the language. However, Tokyo is considered the capital of dining alone, so wandering around the city won’t be a nightmare in the slightest. Japan is one of the most advanced countries in the world, and as such, offers easy directions to all the tourists. Japanese people are organized and systematic, which ensures that travelling in Japan will never be a hassle but a delightful experience. Visit themed cafes and unique museums where you will have hours to enjoy their art and innovation. If you’ve been dreading a solo meal at a restaurant, in Tokyo you will never feel like an outsider. The city is known for people dining alone and nobody cares about it.

Barcelona, Spain

Have you always wanted to visit a city which offers the best gastronomy, culture and nature? Barcelona is one of the European cities with the warmest soul and most welcoming feel. Its rich history and adventuristic spirit will amaze you and make you fall in love with this Spanish city. Ask any solo female traveller, and they’ll tell you that Barcelona is among their top 3 best cities to travel to alone for the first time. Aside from being safe for female solo travellers, Barcelona is also cost-effective. Year in and year out, tourists overflow the city, so you’ll have no trouble finding someone just like you to share experiences and tour the city. Hop on the public transportation and head to nearby holy mountains, beach towns and medieval villages that will leave you in awe.

Lisbon, Portugal

A panorama view of Lisbon is represented

Portugal – the country of stunning cobblestone streets and dazzling sun-kissed shoers is one of the female travellers’ favourite destinations. Lisbon boasts unique energy that every digital nomad or artsy female traveller will appreciate. Enjoy the hipster vibes alongside the bustle of this vibrant city. Lisbon offers fantastic food and even more staggering innovation that will make you come back the first chance you get.

Final thoughts

Once you decide to travel alone to a new destination, look for the safest destinations where you won’t have to worry about negative experiences but only look forward to unforgettable memories. Iceland, Indonesia, Spain, Portugal, Japan and Ireland are just a few countries that we believe you as a solo traveller should visit. Each country has something unique, so make the most of your travel and get to know as much as possible for the ultimate solo holiday.

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