A Woman’s Guide to Choosing the Right Jewellery for the Right Occasion!


Crystal jewellery Australia –A woman’s guide to choosing the right jewellery for the right occasion!

Women have this distinct sense of coordinating unique styles and accessories to make them look beautiful. Can you beat this statement? Well, apparently no! Almost everyone agrees that a fashion and style statement that a woman conveys is unmatchable. She knows precisely which coloured dress would suit her best on what occasion and the type of accessories that will go well with the outfit. That is why you find the female population of the world always looking so stylish and dynamic. And jewellery is a woman’s best friend. You will always see them flaunting one of these to enhance their enigma and make them feel more special. 

Ø  The best type of jewellery suitable for different occasions! 

We know you require no ideas to guide you on how to style and match your jewellery with your dress! But if you want the best recommendations from the fashion experts to suit a specific occasion, then this post is for you.

o    Delicate gold for romantic evenings –Are you about to go for a dinner date? We know you need to look your best. And yes, you have got that elegant and stylish black or red dress to flatter your silhouette and bring out your persona! But what about the jewellery? Have you thought about it? So, why don’t you try a delicate gold necklace, charming tiny earrings, or an intricate gold ring? Since these are delicate, they will not make you look overdressed. And the light gold tint against your skin will give you the soft glow that will look lovelier in the evening lights.

o    Beads for an informal day out – Heading out with your buddies towards the beach, shopping, or picnic today? How about trying a casual shirt and shorts or capris and coordinating the outfit with your colourful collection of beaded jewellery? The funky shape of the beads in the form of a necklace and a bracelet is enough to make you look and feel chic and joyful. Pair them perfectly with the most suitable colour coordination with your attire and enjoy a carefree spirit looking your best with this jewellery.

o    Crystals for daily routine work wear –Women today are entrepreneurs, managers, and even politicians and pilots. They require all the good luck to excel more in their post. Also, they must look perfect and classy in their work attire as well. We are sure you would agree with us when we suggest crystals to wear with your formal work clothes. The crystal jewellery can be as tiny and as big as you like. For your workwear, select sleek styles that let your personality shine. What you have to do is, pick the most alluring pieces of crystal jewellery in Australia from the Fettle belle. Their magnificent collection of crystal jewellery will make you feel like a kid in a candy shop. And they promise to provide you with only the original and authentic stuff for your jewellery and other requirements when it comes to crystals. Flaunt your admirable and lovely collection of crystals with your office suit and trousers, and wear that confident smile on your face. You will be the most magnificent woman in the world.

o    Diamonds for events are extremely precious –Are you hosting a classy and elegant party? Or are you getting married today? Well, we are sure you require your best friend at your side. And we all know who that eternal best friend of a woman is. Yes, we are talking about diamonds. Whether it is the annual ball you are attending, your marriage reception, or a party at your parent’s house, nothing makes you look more charming than a diamond. It matches any dress and colour and provides a magnificent sparkle to your incredible personality. Lovely diamond studs, a delicate ring, a smart little bracelet, and an alluring necklace is all you need with your attire to feel royal and look stunning.


There is no limit to a woman’s beauty, and she is never dependent upon anything to make her look beautiful. But yes, jewellery does emphasize her marvellous personality. Do not forget the precious joy every woman feels when she wears that jewellery. Well, we know you agree with us. So, how about sharing those mesmerizing pictures trying out our recommendations and letting us know how well they worked?  



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