How to Realistically Calculate The Cost of Floor Tilings

Floor tiling

While some claim that tiling floors are cheap, in reality, it is anything but that. Tiles are expensive on their own but that also depends on the sort of tiles you intend to purchase, to tile your floors. And if you are planning to install ceramic tiles, with a high-end design, you can expect durable tiles, the sort which can withstand pressure but on the downside, tend to be quite expensive. If you do not have a clue on what it would cost to tile your floors, in your new home – then you need to read on.

  • The outlay:

When it comes to tiles, many homeowners are often worried about what it would cost them to purchase and install the perfect tiles on the floor. And ask any Auckland tiler and they would tell you that the first step towards working out the cost of tiling the whole room is to first determine the sort of tiles you are going for, whether you are going for ceramic or glass tiles. This would determine the total outlay required for tiling the whole room and importantly for the tiles themselves. Of course, you need to keep in mind that there is the sheer variety and the cost would naturally vary, depending on the sort of tiles you choose for the rooms.

  • Calculating the cost:

The calculator is used to calculate the wholesome costs

 If you were to consult any tiler in a professional capacity, they would tell you that to calculate the cost, you first need to work out the carpet area for all the rooms that are going to get brand new tiles. Essentially, that means that you multiply the length of the room with the width and that should provide you with the carpet area for that particular room. Now, repeat this process for the other rooms and the total square foot area is what you are looking for since these are the rooms that need new tiles.

  • Cost of fixing material:

When it comes to fixing tiles on the floor, you need an adhesive or some fixing material by which you can fix it on the floor. So when you are calculating the total outlay, you need to include the cost of purchasing tiles as well as calculating the cost of fixing materials as well. Just clean the floor, remove the debris and decide on the pattern. Now, you can apply the fixing material to each tile, as well as to the destination place, and fix the tiles.

  • Leveling the floor:

When it comes to tiling the floor, the most important thing is to level the floor. If you had not leveled the floor, then you can bet that the contractor is going to bill you separately for this. And that is all the more reason to double-check and confirm that the floor is indeed leveled before you start laying out the tiles.

  • The cost of labor:

This is bound to vary from one area to the other. Of course, if you are planning to lay the tiles for your rural home, then the cost would be less compared to the labor cost for tiling the floor in the city. One of the simple reasons is this, rural areas rarely see a new home built from scratch whereas the opposite happens to be true for the ones in the city. Just keep in mind that while the contractor would calculate the square foot area covered for the other rooms, the same logic does not apply to smaller rooms like the bathroom. He would instead opt for a lump sum.

These are some of the main pointers that you need to check out, about tiling the room. Do review the same before you contract someone to lay the new tiles for your new home.

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