A Sexier Kitchen: 4 Natural Stone Countertops that Adds Value to Your Home

Having a well-established property is the greatest accomplishment you may achieve for your entire life. A home is a place where you start and end your day. As they say, “Wherever you may go, you still have to look for the safest place on earth to stay, and that’s called Your Home.”

So, as time goes by, you also have to make sure that you take care of your property and update every household parts for home improvement purposes. Apart from home improvement, upgrading your house must be a requirement for good property investment.

That said, your kitchen demands a considerable share of a budget when it comes to updating your home and the price value at the same time. For example, you’d want to get your coffee equipment from Qavashop UAE.
So let’s tackle about kitchen improvement and choosing the best countertops for a sexier cookery space guide which going to bring your property a whole lot more of a value.

Slate Kitchen Countertops

The slate kitchen countertops bring unique countertops you can use for your kitchen design. For how many years, slate countertops come as a flooring option; however, nowadays it has become a countertop option.

These countertops produce a sexy and beautiful appearance which appeals to every part and furniture in your kitchen. The slate name comes from a clay drowned in some ancient sea beds.

Lastly, it’s less expensive compared to other types of countertops and available in different palettes like black, maroon,  green, rust, and gray. It also creates a refined look and sleek look once it’s entirely made and polished.

Soapstone Kitchen Countertops

The soapstone is a smooth countertop composed of primarily dolomite, magnesite, talc, and chlorite. It has a crisp and soapy texture hence it’s called soapstone. It has a high-resistance quality to acids and alkalis.

Also, soapstone made countertops are quite expensive, and the price depends on the inlaid design and thickness. They are generally dark gray and has only a few color variation you can find in the market.

Besides, these kinds of countertop are heat resistant and durable. They do not retain stains, but they may be easily scratch. The sinks, fireplaces, basins would be some best parts where soapstone countertops look best.

Enameled Lava Stone Countertops

The enameled lava is known to be the most luxurious natural stone countertops made. These countertops came from volcanic lava which glazed with enamel. Also, since it’s baked around 1300 degrees, so the enamel lava stone countertop creates a smooth and beautiful crackled finish.

Additionally, they have a fresh and sexy finish that most households love to use. Although enamel lava stone is quite expensive, they have refined durability and highly resistant to scratching and stains.

These countertops come in broad arrays of colors with a full glossy finish. On the other hand, manufactures of this countertops also pave a way of developing matte finished which generates an appreciation to most households.

Limestone Countertops

The limestone countertops came from sedimentary rocks and mainly composed of calcites. These countertops have a soft and natural look. It also has the same price of marble countertops that occurs in any given market.

In the same manner,  limestone countertops are porous and soft which retains every moisture quickly and stains irreparably. It must be installed with professionals only because it may damage or broke quickly.

Hence, a lot of countertops experts would say that limestone countertops are the sexiest type of countertops you can choose. These countertops are mostly available online and found in websites like https://floform.com/locations/spokane/.


Nowadays, kitchen countertops come in a various and massive choice you can select from which adds value to your property. Your overall kitchen functionality may also be affected and identified by the type of countertops you use.

In conclusion, it’s no wonder why selecting kitchen countertops must be accomplished with a thorough and careful consideration to make sure that your property increases its value as time goes by.

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