5 Ideal Features of the iPhone X for Entrepreneurs

There’s a lot to love about the iPhone X. It is perhaps Apple’s best offering to the world and even more so for businesses. We have broken down the laundry list to five ideal features that will help any entrepreneur to succeed.

Keep Tight Security With Face ID

According to Gemalto, the total number of data breaches every day, hour, minute, to the very second, doubled in 2017. Considering how much information is stored on their phones, security is a major concern for entrepreneurs. This is where iPhone X comes in.

iPhone X’s Face ID does a brilliant job of offering state-of-art security. An upgrade from Touch ID, a simple glance at your phone is all you need to unlock it. Face ID uses the TrueDepth camera and advanced machine learning to create mathematical representations of your face. It automatically detects your face and even adapts to changes in appearances such as wearing makeup or growing facial hair.

You can keep all your data on your iPhone X without worrying about breaches. In fact, the Face ID makes it impossible for hackers to access even if they try to spoof your face. This includes wearing a mask, using a photo of you, or scanning your face without your knowledge.

Enhance Productivity With the New iOS 11

Apps are like steroids for entrepreneurs, letting them carry out tasks with high levels of productivity — sharing information, collaboration, networking, customer service, and more. Now, take this productivity to new levels by using the new Apple App Store powered by iOS 11.

These are some of the cool features you should check out:

  • Find apps easily. The new smart search bar helps to retrieve relevant results for chosen keywords.
  • Get the right app. With 30 character limit, vendors cannot fool you with repetitive keywords. They have to come up with specific app descriptions, helping you narrow down the search.
  • Get a faster response to your feedback. App vendors can directly respond to reviews with the help of iTunes connect, allowing for better customer experience.

However, to use all that iOS 11 have to offer, you need a dependable network working with your device. One mobile network that’s sweeping the competition is T-Mobile. According to a report from OpenSignal, T-Mobile is the now the fastest network, beating out competitors. After all, what good is buying an iPhone X without the speed of the T-Mobile platform?

User Engagement With Augmented Reality

Perhaps the biggest game-changer for entrepreneurs is iPhone X’s AR platform. With the help of the camera, users can integrate graphics into the real world. This is a huge opportunity for businesses planning to launch their apps on the Apple App Store. It’s a unique platform where users can engage with your brand in a truly interactive way. Apple’s ARKit is helping businesses easily transition into the AR platform. Brands like Lowe’s, Ikea, and Giphy World are already on the AR bandwagon; what are you waiting for?

Make Your Product Stand out With the Best Display

Entrepreneurs should embrace the Dolby vision-rated color experience when creating content. The HDR-capable screen adds a layer of color accuracy that takes the UI experience to an entirely new level. Moreover, you’ll get the largest screen real estate of any other iPhone. This means users can skim through more content quickly — a better UI experience for sure.

A Camera That Puts Your Brand in the Right Light

Image via Flickr by Janitors

Of course, any discussion on iPhone X is incomplete without mentioning the camera. With a 12-megapixel resolution and a host of other features, it truly beats the need for having a DSLR camera. Take quick snaps to build a visual library that helps you set a unique brand. This can range from product shots, work culture, presentations, and more.

These are just some of the many features that can help entrepreneurs solve everyday problems. The more you dig deep, the cooler features you’ll find. Play around with it and see how it challenges your imagination.

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