A Little Green Guide to Mindful and Meaningful Travel

You’ve probably come across the word “mindfulness” in the media and in life. It is very present lately because we all seem to have lost touch with ourselves and we are consumed by our daily lives and technology. Since mindfulness means being present, living in the moment and looking around, it is no wonder that it has entered the world of traveling.

You probably love visiting some great and adventurous destinations or simply going on a short trip, but you may be looking at your phone a lot or you’re behaving like a stereotypical tourist. However, in order to truly embrace and experience your desired destinations, you should practice some mindfulness for much greater results. Plus, mindful traveling might be even better than meditation or therapy and it will certainly help you work on yourself. So, let’s see how you can make your next trip a truly mindful experience.

Don’t cure your jet lag

We all hate jet lag and what it does to our bodies, but that’s simply a natural and normal response to traveling faster than your body is used to. To make things better for yourself, you shouldn’t try to cure it; rather, consider it as a blessing and as a chance to experience and participate in these times when you are capable of traveling so fast. Plus, you might be getting up earlier and you can definitely take advantage of that extra time to go sightseeing, read a book and simply devote that time to yourself.

Eat more mindfully

If you’re visiting places that have a different culture and different cuisine, you should definitely take advantage of that. Engage in local traditions of preparing food, try out new and different things and simply eat slowly and let the tastes flow through your body. Don’t just rush through your meals, because you might not be staying at a particular place for a long time and this is your great chance to focus on new experiences, tasty meals and even learn something new and acquire new tastes.  

Disconnect from the technology

One of the biggest rules of mindful traveling is disconnecting from all of your devices in order to better connect with your destination. You don’t have to completely abandon technology, but you can take a break from it. Also, try and not rely on your phone too much, because your travel might become too predictable if you research everything on the Internet. Rather, take your time to explore the world on your own, learn things as they happen and introduce that element of surprise to your days off.

Pay attention to nature

The biggest advantage of traveling is the chance to see and experience nature. We have lost touch with it, and we are used to our local landscapes and sceneries, but in new countries, new landscapes appear and you should truly be present. Take a slow walk through a new park, forest or visit a lake you’ve never seen. Breath in the fresh air and simply enjoy the sounds of nature. However, you certainly shouldn’t forget about preserving that beautiful nature, so do your best to be eco-friendly. You can even take a step further and rent an electric car for your travel, so you can reduce your carbon footprint. Do some research, visit blogs of sustainable living, explore the benefits of electric cars on Drivr Zone blog and truly know how to be mindful towards our Mother Earth.

Bring your journal

There are ways of enhancing your mindfulness on the go and one of them is writing everything down. Bring your journal on your travel and take some notes of the things you saw and experienced. This way, you can go through them whenever you want and by writing things down you will become more aware of what’s happening around you.

Slow down and pause

If you’re traveling by car, make sure you take your time and introduce as many stops as you like. You don’t have to rush anywhere, because a car ride through the countryside, or through new cities can bring new experiences. If you see something interesting or want to take a break and enjoy the landscape, you definitely should.

Also, don’t over-plan your stay in the new environment and don’t rush through the tourist attractions. This will only run you down and you won’t truly experience anything but tiredness. So, to avoid this, leave a little breathing room in your plan and use that time to appreciate each activity.

Practice gratitude

The world is truly a beautiful place and you have the chance to experience it through your travels. That is why you should give a big “Thank you” every time something you see on your travel sparks joy and makes you happy. This doesn’t only apply to the good things you see and feel, but it also applies to the things that don’t go according to plan. If your flight is delayed, you miss a specific tour or you get sick, try and find something positive about that and find gratitude. With every bad thing, a good one comes along and new opportunities arrive, so make sure you be thankful for it and you will have a great traveling story at the end of the day.

Some mindful destinations

Going on a mindful journey can easily be achieved anywhere with these simple tips. However, if you really want to make your next travel filled with Zen and mindfulness, you should consider some of the best destinations for such experience.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has become synonymous with the term ecotourism since this place has a goal to be fully sustainable and eco-friendly. All of their hotels practice that and Costa Rica is filled with beautiful nature. There are plenty of rainforests, volcanos, beaches and springs that you can truly embrace and experience new and better things.

Mount Sinai, Egypt

Egypt is filled with different cultures, and Mount Sinai is known for bringing together Muslim, Christian, and Jewish pilgrims. And even if you’re a nonbeliever there are so many beautiful feasts and landscapes to appreciate there. What is more, you can join the pilgrims in their walk uphill, stay in the Mount Sinai overnight and witness one of the most beautiful sunrises when you reach the summit.


This gem of Caribbean is a piece of heaven, and it is a perfect destination if you love nature and wish to relax and take a break. Tobago has one of the world’s oldest rainforest with a plethora of wildlife and flora, and it is an ideal spot if you’re into birdwatching. So, this may just be the most perfect place to reconnect with nature.

Traveling on itself is amazing, but if you approach it mindfully, it will become an unforgettable experience. So, pack your bags, fill the tank, equip your positive attitude and gratitude and truly embrace your next mindful journey.

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