A Guide on How to Deal With a Breakup and Move on

Feeling lost and sad for several days is a part of the aftermath of a breakup. You try your best to run away from such feelings and move on to something better. Well, good for you, but how well are you doing at that?

Forcing yourself to let go is not going to help you, my friend. However, this guide on dealing with a breakup and moving on undoubtedly will. 

It’s time to deal with your feelings, and this post will guide you through it. Take a good look!

1. Let the music heal you

From broken hearts to tormented souls, music has the power to heal it all. Accept music as your biggest support in these times of crisis, and you won’t be sorry. Create a breakup playlist that solely focuses on uplifting your spirits and making you feel alive and better. Do not feature any song which was ‘your’ song as it will bring back all the memories leaving your teary-eyed again.

2. Feel what you are feeling

Do you feel sad and upset? Then, feel it. Do you want to cry? Then, cry. Do you want to yell and scream? Then, do it, but don’t bottle up your feelings. You have to make a conscious decision to feel happy and get over what you feel after you have felt it. Suppressing your feelings will only come to bite you back in a few days.

3. Remove your ex from everywhere

Block them! If you aren’t strong enough to do so, then remove them from your feed or hit the unfriend button. Keeping in touch will only leave you feeling miserable every day. And no interaction at all will turn you into a stalker before you even know it. Remove your ex from all your social media accounts and block their caller number as well.

4. Spend time with your best friends

Your friends have been a part of your love journey, and so who’s a better option to help you get out of it? Spend as much time as possible with your friends. Gulp down tons of wine and dance your sorrows away at a pub with them. Even better, go on a trip and leave the bad memories behind. Your friends will be your pillars of strength, so rely on them for support, and you won’t be disappointed.

5. Find a new love interest

A proven method to make your ex hurt while moving on smoothly is to find someone new. Brush up your flirt skills and head over to a singles event in Sydney. You’ll be surprised at what you might find there!

It might seem like the end of the world, but in reality, it’s your time to explore and find new things and fall in love all over again. Connect with nature, focus on your mental and emotional health, and accept that it’s all over to get it out of your system finally. We know you got this!

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