7 Ways to Use Directional Signs in Marketing

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Directional street signs may not be the first thing that comes to mind when trying to think of ways to market a business or product. One could argue that street signs are just street signs and not because they lead somewhere in particular, but because they point out where something is. But street signs can be much more than street signs for marketers looking to use them in branding campaigns. 

Here’s how directional street signs can add value to your marketing efforts:

1) Create a brand image

When people see street signs on the road they know exactly what those street names represent – their destination. A great way to create an instant association between your brand and consumers is by using signage on street corners that clearly displays your logo. The street signs you choose should reflect the culture, tone, and nature of your brand. For instance, for a “green” business-like electric car Rental Company Hertz, street signs with their wind-powered logo would be ideal; or if you run an eco-tourism destination perhaps the street sign could contain sunburst imagery – it will depend on what types of associations you want people to have when they see your signage.

2) Impressions matter

Your logo is one thing but street signs are another important aspect in maintaining the look and image of your business. Just as hotels place stunning signage at entrances to their buildings, street signs can help create the right impression for companies looking to sell themselves as a premium brand. For example, street signs could include the word “luxury” or feature inspiring messages like “dream it – do it”.

3) Give directions and promote your business at the same time

Street signs can also be used as directional street signs that lead potential clients to your business. Rather than having street signage just point out where to go for various locations, street signs can be designed to promote your business. The signage around your office building can convey specific messages about what you have to offer – maybe you are an open-plan workspace with shared desks? Maybe you are a printing company that offers not only great rates but also eco-friendly paper options featuring recycled materials? What street sign would best represent this message? It will depend on your product and the type of client you want to reach.

4) Create street signs that fit your culture and goals

When creating street signage, street signs can help you create a uniform look across multiple locations. A street sign does not have to be restricted by city regulations; it’s possible to design street signs with street names or street numbers that match up across different towns or cities. For example, if you plan on building a hotel chain in the U.S., street sign materials could include an image of a yellow taxi cab – which is iconic in many big cities like New York and nice for destinations like Las Vegas and Los Angeles where people love to experience old Hollywood glamour (and who doesn’t love a good cab ride?).

5) Take advantage of street sign theft

No, this isn’t a suggestion to have street signs removed from street corners. Rather, street signs that are stolen can be used in marketing campaigns. Why? Because when street signs are stolen people notice and the next time they see your street signage, for instance, it will cause a surge in free PR/marketing for your business because it means someone took an interest in what you have to offer!

6) Street signs do double duty as assets

In many cases, street signs can be reused due to their durable material properties. In other words, street sign materials don’t rust or corrode easily so maybe you could repurpose Old Street signs by using them indoors – in a retail store perhaps (especially street signs that include street numbers)? You could also use street signage materials in unexpected ways, like creating street sign-shaped bookmarks or printing street signs on coasters, mugs, and clothing.

7) Customize street signs

Customized sign
A customized street sign for theatre “Chicago” is nicely designed and lighted

When you buy conventional street signage it usually comes pre-made with standard designs and colors. For street signs that will be used for years to come, this might not always be the best approach since your business changes so why shouldn’t your street sign? Well, when you invest in custom-made street signage you can design them with color schemes and logos that are reflective of the seasons so maybe during Christmas time they feature Santa Clause or other holiday elements. 


By using street signage as a way to promote your business, street signs can offer companies cost-effective ways of standing out from the crowd. Knowing that street signs can perform double duty as promotional products or assets is just one reason street sign makers should consider placing street signage at top of their list!

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