7 Reasons Why You Need To Have A Garbage Disposal Unit Installed In Your Home

General Considerations

Garbage disposal does not sound like a beautiful word, but it is packed with utility, convenience, and health for you and your family. Below we will give you seven reasons why we recommend having a garbage disposal installed in your home. There are a few general maintenance concerns before you have a professional like Morris Jenkins install your first garbage disposal. While a garbage disposal is a very nice home appliance to have for your home, the use and care for it are essential for long-lasting use. These tips will most probably come with your operations manual: only put soft foods in your disposal, no fruit pits, no bones, and, if possible, have a batch feed garbage disposal if you have young children.

First, the garbage disposal will help you save plenty of time for other things. Who wants to stand around collecting garbage after three meals a day only to have to walk another 100-1000 steps through chunking it all in the waste bin. If you are a farmer, that will be a good thing for farm animals, but for most people who live in the city wit, tight schedules saving time is saving money. The convenience of having a garbage disposal is at the top of many people’s lists.

Second, a garbage disposal helps to save time and money on reducing unneeded use on the landfill. By keeping a yard trimmed, neat, and tidy, you will get less ridicule from neighbors, and collecting a heap of garbage in your back yard for a compost bin will attract criticism in the city. Not only does the garbage disposal save every householder time and money, but if you multiply that figure by 700 million (US population), that is lots of waste buildup that could be avoided, and landfill saved not only every day but also yearly. Your garbage disposal will last between 8-10 years.

Third, the garbage disposal will keep the pipes in your home from collecting waste that will clog your pipes. After a clog comes to a plumber, which adds more bills and who needs more statements? Contact a Chermsides best electrician and get an estimate for garbage disposal. Any certified electrician will be able to give you a free estimate for a garbage disposal installation kit.

Fourth, save unnecessary odor buildup in your home. Whether you have an old or new home, bad odors at any time are unwelcome. Garbage disposal will eliminate the possibility of bad odors when food waste is left behind after meals until garbage goes out.

Fifth, with a garbage disposal installed, you will have a quieter home after meals. If you are a mother with a young child, there will be a more peaceful time for your child. If you are caring for an elderly and sick parent, you won’t have to disturb there rest with noise from the kitchen. Even if you are alone, you will have more quiet time to spend on your day off after you finish your meal. Not only is it more peaceful, but also inexpensive to use. Using garbage disposal 15 minutes a day would be equivalent to using a hairdryer for the same amount of time, which would amount to 0.46 cents a month. A hairdryer uses nearly 100 watts for a 15-minute use, while garbage disposal would be using only between 100-500 watts at the small burst of time.

Sixth, everyone is talking about GoGreen these days, and having your garbage disposal will save landfill in your hometown by reducing carbon emissions. By using a garbage disposal, you will be joining millions of other people throughout the world who are saving landfills from sending carbon dioxide into the ozone layer.

Seventh, there is another reason to have a garbage disposal, and that is you have a guest cook on holidays or family gatherings you save the entire family from having to collect garbage and dispose of it into different garbage bins. By taking care of your garbage disposal, you will have an appliance that will bring all of the above benefits to your home throughout the year. With less stress, more time to spend on other things to do, having garbage disposal will bring you closer to the ideal home life you have always wanted.

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