6 Necessary Types of Insurance to Protect Your Business


One major, sobering reality for all business owners is the necessity to protect that business. Savvy businessmen know that a close second to building a successful business is taking measures to address potential threats to it.

If you are in any of the trade businesses, your strategy to fully guard against potentially damaging events is even more magnified. Due to the very nature of all trades where workers use heavy equipment and tools, insuring against business losses is extremely important.

To get the piece of mind loss protection affords your business, take a minute to carefully consider the various types of business insurance we have listed below.

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First and foremost, insure yourself sufficiently. Since you are the owner, you are the vital cog within your business. Make sure you have at least some form of the following protections.

Life — The trades industry entails higher risks to personal safety than many other businesses. Obtain sufficient life insurance coverage in case the worst possible circumstance should occur. Speak with your life insurance specialist to get the absolute best coverage you can afford.

Trauma — Trade industry workers sometimes suffer traumatic injuries that may take weeks or even months to heal. Insurance that covers these costs can preserve both your family’s standard of living and your business.

Loss of Income — This is a major threat to every business owner. The family’s living expenses must be paid whether there is income or not. Having this coverage is the best way to avert such a threat.

Total Permanent Disability — Second only to death in severity, the business owner who incurs a work-life injury is in dire straits without some means of income. TPD coverage, check it out here, https://traderisk.com.au/ can at least stave off the worry about a total loss of income due to a permanent disability.


Properly insuring all workers is another critical area of business insurance coverage. A business that does not offer adequate protection to its workers is inviting lawsuits that will cost far more than the insurance premiums for that particular coverage. Purchase and keep the following insurance for your employees.

Workplace Accident Coverage — Make sure the types of coverage are specific to your particular trade and its intrinsic, associated risks. Workplace protection for employees is a vast and complicated area of coverage. See your insurance carrier for the most pertinent coverage for your specific needs. They are experts at tailoring such coverage.

Extended Absence Coverage — Just like you, the business owner, your employees need this valuable protection. Some injuries simply take longer to heal, and they, like you, need to pay bills and living expenses during recovery.

Employee Disability — Workers can become permanently disabled on your job. If a worker loses his ability to earn a living while performing work for your company, he must be adequately compensated. This coverage steps in and provides such compensation.


Insurance that pays in the event of the loss of the building that houses the business is a must. If the building is lost due to fire or storm damage, often a lot more than the building is also lost.

Being able to have insurance help with the rebuilding process is coverage with unsurpassed appreciation should you have to rebuild.

Equipment and Tools

Of course, the trade industry’s backbone is the equipment and tools it relies upon to get the job done. Much of the equipment, tools, and machinery are extremely expensive. Hard to find replacement parts can also create work completion delays. These potentially expensive losses can threaten profitability. Here again, having them properly insured is just smart business.

Public Risk

Insurance that covers the company in the event of company-caused damage to the public should be a high priority. Private citizen lawsuits against companies are one of the most common lawsuits brought here in Australia. Business owners must be prepared to defend their businesses against potentially catastrophic losses through court judgments.


Company vehicles can create a host of potential company losses due to operation, negligence, and day-to-day course of use. Lawsuits brought against the company can seriously cripple it. Insurance that protects every means of conveyance for your company is absolutely essential coverage.


The types of insurance coverage above are pretty general in nature. You may want to consult your insurance carrier for other unique kinds of coverage operating your business may entail. G’day for now.

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