7 Easy Steps To Make Vape Juice

Vape Juice

Is your vape juice too expensive? Then why not make it yourself!

Depending on how much you understand the process, making your vape juice can be both pleasurable and frustrating. Whether it is the first time you are preparing vape juice or a pro, a simple, step-by-step procedure can help you get the job done. You can easily control flavor, nicotine strength. So, what could be better than getting your custom vape juice for premium vape mods?

However, you must have the correct tools and ingredients. Introductory chemistry is essential for this process, and safety must be adhered to at all times.

Obtain the necessary equipment for DIY vape juice

To get started, one must have the right tools. While you can easily make your vape juice at home, you will need a few pieces of gear and ingredients to do it right.

  • Bottles for mixing and measuring taste test flavors; 30ml bottles, 50ml bottles, and 100ml bottles to store and mix your favorite flavors into.
  • Measure containers when making a large batch of vape juice.
  • Getting a kitchen roll on hand is essential when working with large amounts of vape juice.
  • Pipettes and syringes to add the right amount of every liquid to the mix. This type of tool allows you to extract the precise level of PG, VG, nicotine, and flavor concentrate that you need.

Assemble the ingredients for vape juice

Surprisingly, vape juice only has a few components. There are different types of nicotine shots; some are higher in VG, while others are higher in PG.

In a vape juice blend, Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) liquids play the most critical roles. PG users can expect a noticeable “hit” in the chest when inhaled, as the liquid is thinner and conveys flavor well. The VG is thicker, produces much bigger clouds, and is easier to use.

Additionally, you will need vape juice flavor concentrates that can be mixed, paired, and blended to create unique flavors. 

Measure the vape fluid

Vape Fluid

In what quantities are you looking to make vape fluid today? What nicotine strength are you looking for? Are you looking for a thin PG vape juice or a thicker VG vape juice?

Go for 30% VG and 70% PG if you are looking for thicker clouds. If you want to make a more flavorful vape juice, keep the ratio to 70% VG and 30% PG. For a balanced cloud production and flavor, stick to a 50/50 PG to VG ratio.

To start, you’ll need to open a vape juice calculator. There are many downloads and browser-based options available.

You can enter all kinds of information, such as how much nicotine strength you want to use, VG/PG ratio, etc., in the vape juice calculator, and it will instantly tell you exactly how much fluid you need. 

Prepare your base mix

This is the first step in creating what could be the next big vape juice. It’s time to put on those gloves!

Utilizing your calculations, dispense the amounts of PG and VG in roughly sized syringes into the beaker you’ll be using for your blend.

Ensure that you rinse each syringe after use to avoid any buildup or contamination in the future. 

Pour in flavor concentrates

Even though vape calculators consider the amount of concentrate, it is still an experimental process. It will be convenient if you know how intense you want the flavor to be for yourself.

 A basic rule is that your vaping juice should have 5% concentrated flavors, whereas 20% may be too sweet or powerful for some, giving you an unpleasant taste. 

Add nicotine

When choosing nicotine strength, it’s essential to consider how much juice you are making. To get 180ml of nicotine solution at 3 mg, you’d have to mix three 10ml shots of 18mg nicotine solution with 150ml of water.

It is important to note that however confusing this could be, the calculators available will be very precise about how much nicotine you’ll need.

Make sure you handle nicotine with gloves on.

Mix it well, Wait, and Steep your DIY Vape Juice

DIY Vape Juice

After you’ve poured your entire concoction into the beaker, it’s time to stir it so that it mixes well. Once the vape juice mix is ready, transfer it from the mixing beaker to the bottle or bottles you wish to store it in.

Despite being technically ready, your vape juice is unlikely to be as enjoyable as you might have hoped. Steeping vape juice lets the flavors develop and blend into the liquid medium or base.

Place your e-liquid in a cool, dark area such as a cupboard and remove the lids.

Your vape juice will darken and taste potent when you allow it to breathe. In general, steeping times typically run around 4-5 days, so you’ll want to keep busy while you wait.

To Conclude:

We sincerely hope this article is helpful for you and that it has assisted in dispelling any notions that vape juice is difficult to produce or experiment with. It is straightforward to make your e-liquid: you mix PG, VG, nicotine, and flavor concentrate, which are the main components of vape juice. You may not need some of the items if you prefer your e-liquid without nicotine or any flavors. You might feel overwhelmed by all of this, but it’s not that tough. It doesn’t require a deep understanding of chemistry. With the proper knowledge, making your vape juice is as easy as making your cocktail.

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