6 Reasons Why You Need A Gas Pipework Upgrade

If your home has a hot water heater powered by natural gas or propane, keeping the pipework and ventilation clean and in pristine shape is a large concern. Over time, pipework can degrade, leading to poor performance and shortening the life expectancy of your hot water heater. In addition, pipework with leaks, corrosion, or other issues can lead to gas leaks that are concerned for both your safety and your wallet. If you think you may need a gas pipework upgrade, consult the Ipswich Hot Water experts before installing your new hot water heater or other essential home appliance.

If you’re not certain whether or not it’s time for you to think about taking a look at your gas pipework needs, it’s a good idea to consider a few common reasons for doing so.

1. You’ve had your current hot water heater for nearly a decade

Over time, the equipment can degrade, even that made of the highest quality. While using natural gas for your hot water needs has many long-term advantages, the wear and tear on the pipework is a natural consequence. It’s recommended for those who use natural gas or propane to inspect gas pipework and hot water heaters every few years and to consider an upgrade after a decade of consistent use. Of course, if you begin to see signs something’s not quite right, you’ll want to take a look at your home’s hot water setup sooner rather than later.

2. You’re making the change from electric to gas

In some parts of the world, natural gas can be much cheaper than electricity. Since a hot water heater is used heavily and your family relies upon it each day, choosing to make the switch from electric to gas is a sound long-term investment. However, many shy away from the idea because of the complexity of gas pipework. Doing the research and finding a trusted and experienced professional to help you make the change will give you peace of mind, and in the end, your wallet will thank you.

3. You’ve just purchased a property

Many older properties are already set up for gas rather than electric hot water heaters, but over time, the pipework and ventilation are not what it once was. One of the cornerstones of caring for an older home is keeping the infrastructure modern and safety-conscious. If your inspection recommends upgrading your gas pipework, it’s one area where it does not pay to cut corners. A home or storefront is one of the greatest investments you’ll make in your lifetime, so make sure you are getting the most out of your property.

4. Your energy bills are steadily rising

If you’ve been noticing that with each passing month, another dollar is added to your natural gas bill or propane costs are eating into your budget, pipework that is leaking energy may be the culprit. Not only is this unsafe, but it is also a way to let money evaporate into thin air. Choosing to have a gas pipework upgrade performed is not an unnecessary expense, but a long-term investment that will pay great dividends.

5. You’re building a brand new construction

When building a home from the ground up, the process is a seemingly endless list of choices. Making the right ones from the start will save you a lot of money from the start, and make your creation a sound investment. Gas pipework is a wonderful, natural, and economically advantageous way to install the best water heater and other essential appliances in new construction. Especially if you plan to sell the house for a profit later down the line, investing in a sound infrastructure during the construction phase is one of the smartest choices you can make.

6. You’re building an addition or remodeling a home

As time goes by, even the most spacious homes can start to feel a bit cramped for a busy family. Perhaps there is a new addition to the family, grown children have moved back home after college or a divorce, or aging family members are now residing with you. All these are common reasons for building an addition on to a home or deciding to upgrade the basement or attic. While you’re readjusting your life to suit the changing needs of your family, it’s a good time to consider a gas pipework upgrade.

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