7 Ways to Effectively Remove Carpet Stain

Clean, colorful and soft carpets feel inviting and cozy. Carpets that have been a host to grease, coffee, pet urine or other smelly stains can be disgusting. This has prompted many homeowners to look for alternatives to replace the entire carpet. But, before you do that, it’s wise that you consider reversing the damage.

One of the main ways to prevent staining on carpets is to act instantly. The faster you solve the issue, the higher the chances of avoiding a spillage from becoming a permanent stain. A doggy accident, some errant inks or a hot drink spillage can ruin the carpet if you don’t have the techniques to reverse it. Here are seven ways to remove carpet stains.

Pull the liquids out

Once liquids spill on the carpet, they tend to soak in more quickly. Before you react if the spill is still wet, get a dry cloth or towel and dab it on the spill. This is the immediate step before you add any cleaning agents or even water on the spill. The goal is to target as much liquid as possible and as quickly as you can. If the spill has already dried up, conduct the same drill, get a cloth and attempt to get rid of as much color as possible. But, don’t scrub the dry part. Just blot it.

Scoop thick spills using a knife

Viscous liquids, i.e. mustard mostly settle above the carpet. The same applies to all spills that contain solid debris. In this case, the immediate action is to scoop what is presented to you. A kitchen knife is a significant tool to apply. However, anything substantial and thin will conduct exercise effortlessly.

Don’t apply too much soap

After you have pulled as much liquid as possible off the carpet, the next step is to implement cleaning solutions. Soap is the prominent cleaning agent. You will not want to pour dish soap on the stain directly. Pouring the soap on the stain might destroy your carpet fibers. Instead, mix the soap with water to form a soap solution. This works best to maintain the quality and aesthetic value of your carpet.

Utilize Ammonia for acidic stains

Most acidic substances that are spilled include soy sauce, ketchup, and coffee. All these can be cleaned using the ammonia solution. This is how you go about preparing the ammonia solution.

  • Mix one tablespoon of Ammonia in a half cup of water
  • Get a dry cloth or towel
  • Soak a section of your towel with the ammonia solution and repeatedly dab the stain on the carpet.
  • Do this as you keep on switching different sections of your cloth or towel.

Nail polish remover

In some cases, DIY and store-bought products can be the immediate cleaning agents you can use to prevent stains further damaging your carpet. Their cleaning techniques are also useful. The acetone in nail polish efficiently removes and dissolves the stain from the carpet. Any product that contains acetone will subsequently dissolve the stain. Non-oily nail polish removers are the best acetone products to use on your carpet.

Don’t utilize colorful towels or cloth

If you decide to use acetone, Ammonia or any other types of stain remover, it’s wise if the cloth or towel is plain. If the fabric has color, the cleaning solution prepared will automatically transfer the color from the towel/cloth into the carpet, making the stain worse.

Consider a carpet cleaner

This is the most effective technique. It’s a method that famous cleaning companies like carpet cleaning Brisbane use. Most carpet cleaning machines have detergent liquids that are pumped into the carpet as you clean. The spinning brushes on the machine scrub the carpet fibers making the carpet sparkling clean. Pulling and pushing the machine over the stain allows the machine to vacuum up all the remaining solution.

Other carpet machine models mix the detergent with water as you go on about cleaning. The drying modes ensure the fibers don’t remain dump attracting dirt and dust.

Accidents and spills are bound to happen. However, don’t allow these unsightly stains to ruin your carpet. Maintain the interior appeal of your home by ensuring you clean up the stains immediately you discover them. Carpets make the rooms feel comfortable and accommodating.

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