6 Apps Every Blogger Should Use in 2021

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More and more people own smartphones today than a few years ago. It creates a big opportunity for marketers and bloggers. As a blogger, simplify your blogging and automate different tasks with apps. Like you can play Book Of Ra on your mobile device, you can manage your blog and marketing strategies on a smartphone. There are apps you can download on the android app store to take your blogging to a new level. Here’s the application list we recommend in 2021.

WordPress Android Application

WordPress offers an open-source content management system you can use to run your blog. This is the simplest and most popular solution if you want to create a website or blog. It’s among app store android applications every marketer or blogger should be using in 2021. It offers incredible tools to customize your pages and make your content more effective.

With WordPress applications, you can manage a full-featured website. The Android application allows you to create and edit pages and upload videos and photos. You can also view stats, change basic settings, and manage comments. WordPress is designed as a beginner-friendly solution, which is mobile optimized and easy to use. You have an in-built autosave feature that stores your progress when you’re writing a blog post. You can apply your favorite android app blogger template free or pay for premium templates if you need more features.


Blogging has earned a new meaning in the last few years. Some people consider sharing content on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to be a form of blogging. If you create content, you can manage different social networking accounts through HootSuite. It gives you full access to your social media accounts where you can control how and when you share content. You can create or schedule publications on several websites over specific periods.

Google Analytics

This is a Google web analytics service that allows you to understand your website customers and visitors better. Using the Google Analytics app, you can see the number of people who visited your website and how your keywords are performing. This data is important as it helps you decide what you need to do to improve the performance of your marketing effort. The analytics give you insight into how users behave online. You can measure traffic, ad revenue, engagement, and track social media interactions while experimenting with new content.


For payments on your website or to receive funds, you should consider the PayPal android app. This is a smart money android app that allows you to send and receive funds with no delays. PayPal offers some of the lowest transaction fees, so you can use the service for big transactions. It’s ideal for a blog that offers a subscription service. PayPal offers easy API integration, so you will not struggle adding the payment service to your website or blog to start accepting payments. If you sell merchandise, you surely need a secure and convenient android app money manager.


Grammarly helps to write error-free blog posts. It helps if you’re native or non-native and want to publish the best content. A full-featured Grammarly offers grammar and spell checkers that integrate with almost everything you write online. The app can make your writing easier as it underlines errors in real-time. For grammar mistakes, the app offers suggestions and corrections. This helps you write concisely and clearly, so your posts will communicate with your audience in the most effective way. While the free version has many features, the premium Grammarly packs offer advanced checks, a plagiarism checker and scans for content structure.


Evernote is the leading note-taking app, preferred by many people worldwide. It helps you create notes, which can be drawings, text, web pages, and photographs. The free version gives you basic features, but when you upgrade to the premium version, you get more features such as additional storage space, customer support, offline access, etc.

As a blogger, you should use this note-taking app as it helps you make to-do lists, save images, web pages, and audio files. It’s a digital notepad you can use to store any ideas you have in mind whenever you want. If you need some privacy, you can add a password to the app. Also, it syncs across different devices, including tablets, smartphones, and laptops.


Using the right tools will make your experience as a blogger more fun. There’s always a mobile app for whatever ideas you want to implement. Your blogging journey will be easier with these apps, which you can download for free.

Which other productivity apps do you recommend for bloggers in 2021? Leave a comment below.


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