5 Ways Old-School Dating Can Help Modern Relationships


In many ways, relationships are better than they were in the past. The breaking down of gender roles allows partners to be more equal, both in supporting each other and receiving support. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that everything has changed for the better. We can all look to the past for some old-school dating practices that can be immensely beneficial to modern relationships.

1) Spoil Each Other

Old-school dating centered on dates as planned occasions as much as today’s online dating meetings. In modern relationships, many people feel more comfortable being around each other on a more casual basis. Simply hanging out plays a much bigger role in modern relationships than it has in the past. One benefit of this is that many romantic partners are also close friends. However, a drawback is that there are less pomp and circumstance.

Sometimes is it best to spoil each other a little. Get dressed up for planned dates and make romantic gestures. While many old-fashioned relationships were driven by gendered obligations that don’t as well into modern society, that doesn’t mean you need to skip the fun of celebrating each other. Send a love note using custom greeting cards or show up at the door with flowers. Little gestures can mean a lot.

2) Have Dinner Together, Even on Regular Nights

Many modern families are so busy that it can be challenging to sit down together to eat. A lot has been written about this and it is a significant issue that both couples and families struggle with. Dinner was once a staple of family life. Today, many couples and families often eat separately when they have time.

Make time for each other. Dinner together can increase intimacy and understanding between romantic partners. It is one of the simplest ways to invest in your relationship. For couples with children, this is also a great way to maintain family bonds.

3) Talk on the Phone

For many people today, texting and social media are the dominant forms of communication. Now, people can connect anytime with their loved ones using the texting app like iMessage. Gone are the days of phone calls and snail-mail. While modern, electronic communication is convenient, it can also be impersonal.

Try speaking on the phone more often. If you need to make plans, call each other to make them. Similarly, if you haven’t seen each other all day, pick up the phone to check-in.

If you want to take this to the next level, send each other a letter or card in the mail from time to time. The decline of mail as a communication medium means that most people only ever receive bills and advertisements. A short love note in the mailbox can be a memorable experience. Try marking birthdays and other events with custom greeting cards.

4) Put the Phone Down

Just because speaking on the phone can be intimate doesn’t mean you should always be on your phone. When you are together in person, put the phone down, especially during dates.

The next time you are sitting on the couch together or out for a cup of coffee, use it as a chance for quality time together. Putting your phones down forces you to talk more and make more eye contact.

Studies suggest that eye contact with your romantic partner can increase feelings of attraction and love. It is certainly much more intimate than looking at phone screens. Avoiding social media and texting also signals to your romantic partner that they have your full attention when you are together. Spending the whole time on your phone signals that you are prioritizing others.

5) Learn To Dance

Dancing is an important part of how people interact, especially romantically. At one point, there were far fewer things to do when dating, so people would dance a lot. There were a variety of dances that many people knew the moves for. While today’s dancing can be equally as enjoyable, it isn’t quite as romantic as dances of years gone by.

The good news is that it is easier than ever to learn the steps. While you can certainly have someone teach you, there’s also plenty of resources online. Spend a little time learning and surprise your partner the next time you see each other. For married couples, try requesting your first dance song whenever possible and dance together.

Enhance Your Romantic Communication

There’s a lot to love about modern relationships. They’re more equitable, people communicate more and many people are happier. Nonetheless, there are still things to learn from the past.

One such lesson is the importance of the written word. Sending custom greeting cards is a fun way to communicate with friends, family, and significant others. If you choose cars from Cards for Causes, you will also be supporting a charity of your choice with your purchase. Is there anything better than sending a love note on a card that helped an important cause? Order your charity-supporting cards today.

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