5 Tips for Lean Muscle Growth for Women


Many women who are starting out their fitness journey are asking for advice on how to tone their bodies and develop muscle. In general, women’s muscle-building progress is slower than men’s because of the lower levels of testosterone in women’s bodies. Strength, health, and injury prevention are all benefits of muscle growth, no matter how large or how thin you are. You’ll also discover that weight training is more effective than cardio exercise in reducing your body fat percentage. Even after a workout, your muscles continue to burn calories.

To achieve a feminine yet muscular body, here are some tips.

1.  Weight training for lean muscle

Muscle mass is best achieved by weight training. Don’t be scared to try out weight lifting – it’s especially hard for women to get bulky in the gym! Also, if you don’t push your limits, your muscles won’t get the challenge they need to grow. To further extend your muscles when weight training, you must increase the number of repetitions you do with each session.

A good exercise would consist of six to twelve repetitions of moderate weight for each set. Furthermore, if your goal is to build lean muscle, staying within this range is critical. Due to the fact that strength is what gives you a lean muscular tone, rather than stamina, you should up your weight when your lifting session becomes too easy. The ultimate muscle growth tip – the last repetition should always feel hard to complete!

2.  Nutrition is key

The food is just as crucial as your gym performance. There’s a minimum required macro count you should hit for optimal muscle growth.

Muscles are constructed mostly from protein, which is an essential nutrient. It also aids in the recovery process after a weight training session. Among the best sources of protein are chicken, fish, eggs, and low-fat dairy. If you struggle to get enough protein from food, you should try supplementing with protein powders. Just add some to your breakfast oatmeal or make a smoothie. Eating at least 0.8 grams of protein for every pound of body weight is recommended. This means that women with a weight of 150 pounds need to consume at least 120 grams of protein every day!

Carbohydrates and fats are also important. Carbs are important for healthy energy levels, while fats are crucial for healthy hormones. When trying to lose weight and tone their bodies, many women cut out fat entirely because it’s the most calorific macronutrient. However, healthy fats found in nuts, avocados, and olive oil will also help nurture your body!

3.  Supplements are key

If you’re training for muscle gain, your diet should be honed to perfection. However, sometimes it’s just hard to meet all your needs through food. This is why you should look into vitamin and protein supplements. They can come in pill, powder, or even gummy form! Furthermore, if you want to lose fat and kickstart your metabolism, fat burners may be the answer. Lipodrene Australia is one of the best fat burners on the market which will surely help you achieve your goal of being both lean and strong.

4.  Don’t forget to rest

Sleeping is critical for both muscle growth and overall health. Make sure you get at least eight hours of good sleep every night. When we sleep, our bodies heal themselves and rebuild cells and muscular tissue. Also, avoid consecutive days of high-intensity workouts, particularly if you’re targeting the same muscle groups as the previous one. After a session of heavy weight lifting or resistance training, it is recommended that you rest each of your muscle groups for at least 3 days. Giving your muscles time to rest will enable them to develop and grow.

5.  Avoid high-intensity cardio

A diligent woman is changing music on her smartphone while doing cardio exercise

As was mentioned before, you should focus on weight lifting rather than cardio if you want to build lean muscle. You should avoid high-intensity cardio such as running and cycling long distances since they stimulate the breakdown of muscular tissue. If you want to lose fat, you should do low-intensity cardio such as incline walking or using the stair master on a low level. This kind of exercise will get your heart rate up but will not eat up your muscle tissue. Of course, keep in mind that this kind of exercise won’t aid in muscle growth.

To transform your body into a lean machine, you must strike a good balance between the correct kinds of training and a nutritious diet. Remember that there are no shortcuts to success! So, focus on going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week and your protein intake. Look into which supplements will help you reach your goal faster. Finally, forget about jogging for a while if you want to be strong and muscular! Doing all the right things and progressing slowly but surely is essential to achieving any fitness-related goals.

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