5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Delay Your Windscreen Repair

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Delay Your Windscreen Repair

Cracks and chips in your windscreen not only make your vehicle look ugly and neglected, but they also affect the functionality and safety of your car and put you in greater risk in case of an accident. You should never wait too long after you notice any damage to your windscreen. Want to know all the reasons why you should act quickly? Take a look below.

Improve visibility

A pebble hits your windscreen every day, no big deal. But if it leaves a chip or a crack, it is an issue that needs to be addressed. Any little thing that prevents you from seeing a car’s turn signal in front of you can boost your risk of getting in an accident. Also, most windscreens are made out of several layers of special glass that can create a prism effect where the crack formed. This might prevent you from seeing animals or bikers on the road.

Car glass is made to be clear and smooth so you can get the best view of the road in all conditions. A single crack or chip can distract you from the road and cause you to see objects that are not there and spell disaster in a blink of an eye.

Improve safety

Did you know that your airbags are held in place by your windshield? In case of damage, your airbag might not be able to deploy which could cause deadly injuries. Also, your windscreen is your main defence from the elements, but it also provides additional protection in case of an accident. When you have weakened the windscreen due to cracks and chips, even a small bump could cause a crushed frame and shattered glass. Glass flying from your windscreen can cause injuries and you will have to invest in a completely new frame and glass.

Stop additional damage

Small damage to your windscreen can affect its ability to absorb shock later on. Often, small cracks and chips can spread due to flying debris off the road and vibrations when hitting bumps. Also, glass can expand and contract in extreme temperatures like Australian heat. Damage that spreads might not be possible to fix, you might need to opt for replacement. There’s a test you can perform to see whether you need windscreen replacement. Take a dollar bill, place it along a crack and if the crack extends more than the bill, the glass can’t be fixed. Luckily, you can easily find windscreen repairs in Sydney to take care of your issues. And if they can’t fix the damage, they will replace your windscreen quickly and professionally.

Avoid fines

Many states and countries have laws that order the removal of the vehicle off the road in case of a cracked windscreen. If your country or state doesn’t have that law, it probably has laws against obstructed views. If a crack is in your line of sight, it will prevent you from getting a clear view and you might end up with a heavy fine. Vision impairment increases your chances of an accident and you can’t go around endangering other drivers. Also, if the crack changes the glass shape, you might fail your vehicle inspection, so make sure to address this issue ASAP.

Save money

Many people put off fixing their windscreen because they think it costs a lot of money and takes days to perform. The fact is that fixing small cracks and chips is completed very quickly, especially if you find a real professional to do the job. As long as the damage is small, the cracks and chips are filled with glass and it will become smooth once again. There might still be some defect visible, but the situation will be much safer and completely handled as far as the law is concerned. Additionally, a fixed windscreen will hold on tightly in case of an accident, as long as you hired the right expert to handle it.

As you can see, cracks and chips in your windscreen can worsen rapidly for many reasons, so you should always act fast and take care of any defects as soon as you notice them. The longer you wait, the more money you will lose and the more safety you will risk. In the end, your only option will be glass replacement, so hurry up and don’t ignore any damage to your windscreen.

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