5 Effective Tips to Plan and Host an Amazing Virtual Event

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we do business and interact with our fellow earthlings, it’s safe to say that you won’t be able to organize any live events or gatherings in the foreseeable future. That might seem like a big issue, but always remember that modern technologies allow you to organize the next best thing, which is a virtual event. Virtual events allow you to bring a global audience together, but they also allow you to conduct shows and virtual gatherings for a select group of people without ever exposing them to the virus or putting them in harm’s way.

You could say organizing virtual events is one of the only effective ways to run a successful marketing and communication strategy, as well as a good PR campaign, in the “new normal”. So, let’s delve into the subject matter and uncover the tips that will allow you to plan and host an amazing virtual event for your audience.

Start by branding the event

First and foremost, before you can start marketing your event, and even before you start getting into the nitty-gritty details like choosing a theme and setting the perfect backdrop, you have to brand your event. Branding is one of the key driving forces behind business success in the corporate world, as having a powerful brand identity allows you to stand out from the crowd, make your company more visible and recognizable, and create a professional and authoritative image. 

Basically, branding allows you to achieve many business goals, including the goal of making your virtual event more appealing and relevant to your local and global audience. Be sure to weave your brand identity into your event branding strategy, and use the same visual elements, your unique tone of voice and personality, and most importantly, the values that drive your company. 

Understand what the audience wants

Every good business decision and every successful strategy should be based on relevant industry insights and customer data. That means that your next order of business is to do some research and uncover the key insights that drive your customers and your online audience. These insights will prove invaluable in shaping your virtual event in its entirety as well as your marketing strategy, and they will allow you to choose the right theme and backdrop, pick the best host, create an amazing script, and come up with ways to make your event more engaging and relevant to all of your online followers.

Treat it like a live event and prep the backdrop

Just because your event is in a virtual space on the web doesn’t mean that you should just sit in front of your computer if you’re giving a lecture, or that you should skimp on the organization and the ambiance. No, you need to treat your event like a live performance in order to get people interested and create that engaging feeling that only a live event can evoke in the hearts and minds of your audience.

Be sure to pick the right venue where you’re going to stream the event and consider teaming up with experts like the Media Powerhouse audio visual consultants to ensure that every audio, visual, and scenic element fits perfectly into the overall theme of your event. It’s important to work with professionals at this stage to make sure you create that live-event look and feel that will dazzle your audience. 

Choose the right host

A host can make or break an event, so choose yours carefully. Even though you might want one of your employees to host the event, or even if you yourself want to host it, it’s important that you take a step back and ask yourself if you have what it takes. This is a stressful and demanding job, and few people have the oratory and soft skills necessary to deliver a powerful message to a global audience. If you do decide to host the event yourself, make sure to prepare extensively beforehand, and rehearse the script until you know it by heart.

Market your event and choose a ticketing tool

Last but not least, be sure to market your event on all relevant online platforms. This includes your website, the search engines, social media, other authority websites, and thorough word-of-mouth marketing. Don’t forget to integrate a smart online ticketing tool that will help you manage your event with ease, track participants, upsell, and of course, gather valuable customer information for future events.

Wrapping up

Virtual events are going to dominate the global scene in the foreseeable future. With these tips in mind, you will have no problem organizing truly memorable online events that will help take your company forward.

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