5 Best PC Games That Have Mobile Versions

The gaming industry has grown exponentially in the past few decades with newer games being launched for PCs and Xbox, PlayStation, etc. But You don’t have access to your PlayStation or PC all the time. What you have instead is your handheld mobile device with you everywhere you go.

So, to have the same gaming experience you just need the mobile versions of your favourite games so that you can have fun instantly and without having the trouble to set the system up.

We are excited to share with you our list of best PC games that you can also play on your phones. Make sure to read it till the end to find the best mobile game to kill your free time.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

This card game is based on Blizzard’s Warcraft universe. There are cool characters and the style of the game is so unique. The cards that you find here have each their own powers and attacks in a way similar to Pokémon but way cooler.

The game really challenges you to think harder and come up with the most effective attack combinations to defeat your opponents. You can also make in-app purchases to unlock the full potential of your cards and characters. The game layout is really top-notch just like the site Moviesda HD, which gets you hooked from the very first play.

PUBG Mobile

This multiplayer battle royal game took the world by storm soon after its launch and still its popularity is growing with each passing day. This is the main reason why developers came up with the mobile version of the game.

There are various realistic locations, customizable characters, cool weapons and game modes and seasons, etc., that you can enjoy for as long as you want. You can even create your own room and play with your friends and have endless fun.

PUBG allows you to communicate with your teammates via the microphone of your headset so that you can come up with coordinated attack strategies and have a real thrilling gaming experience.


This mobile game is lighter in size compared to other games on the list. Still, the developers have worked ingeniously to add the best flavour and graphics to this action/puzzle game.

The graphics are aesthetic, with characters appearing in silhouettes and the captivating background music adding more details to the whole picture.

The players ride an interesting creature namely “Clone” whose controls are extremely simple and anyone can get the hang of these with ease. You can download this free game today and have fun with the cool graphics and soundtracks right now.

Papers, Please

This is an extremely sophisticated game that revolves around the life of a Border Petrol Clerk of fictional land named Arstotzka.

Your job is mainly to verify the documentation and see for errors and based on that allow or deny entrance to the people in your country.

But that is not just it. You will have to make lots of choices along the way. Like what if someone has fake documents but is a refugee who wants to save his family and other such cases.

This game really takes you on an emotional journey with its graphics, carefully plotted storyline, and cool character designs.

XCOM: Enemy Within

This action/sci-fi/strategy game is without a doubt among the top ones for its great plot and realistic graphics.  Its layout is interactive, similar in a sense to the torrent site Fitgirl Repack games.

You are given the task to build a military base in the midst of an intense enemy attack and complete the task while fighting off the enemy. There are aliens, spaceships and cool weapons to stir up your imagination and take you on an amazing journey that you can never get enough of.

Final Words

Playing games on PCs is fun but nothing beats the convenience and ease of playing on your mobile devices. Using your phones, you can download and play games at any time and place you want which saves your time and energy.

We hope with this information you find the best mobile game for yourself as soon as possible and wish the very best.

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