Why People are Moving to The Signature at MGM

Living in a condominium unit instead of a regular house can be very different, that is for sure. There are certain changes from living in a house to living in a condo, and that can take some time to get used to. But there are also various perks that come with it. Now, more and more people are looking for great condominiums and considering buying units. And one of the condominiums being favored by many is The Signature at MGM Grand.

Now, there are a lot of high rise condominiums out there, yes, but some people have their sights set on this luxury condo-hotel. Why are people moving into The Signature? Here is why!

It has a great location

Well, for starters, The Signature at MGM Grand is in a great location. MGM Grand is located off-strip at 145 East Harmon Avenue, which means it has close proximity to various entertainment and business hotspots such as the CityCenter, the Bellagio Fountains, the Wyland Gallery that features works of a marine life artist who is committed to using eco-friendly materials, Downtown Summerlin, and much more. Whether you have business to tend to or are looking for a unique experience, you can have it done here at the Signature!

The price is affordable

The price of condominium units at The Signature at MGM Grand ranges from $240,000 to $700,000. These listings are much more affordable compared to other condominiums that can range from $600,000 and above that can even reach up to $1,000,000. Last June 2018, TripAdvisor even listed The Signature as one of the Best Value of 20 Condo Hotels in Las Vegas. People who chose to live here will surely get the best value in the condo units as well.

The security is tight

Security is a priority here at The Signature at MGM Grand. Entries and exits of the parking facilities are enhanced—plus, there are security cameras and proper lighting all over the establishment for extra safety. Security also makes sure that only hotel guests get to enjoy certain amenities—such as the pools—in each tower. There is a Central Parking Command Center as well for extra help. It has live operators on duty 24/7 who will be able to assist guests.

The amenities are world-class

The world-class amenities are definitely one of the primary reasons why people move into The Signature. The residents at The Signature at MGM Grand have access to a 24-hour concierge, in-room dining services, and meeting rooms. A pool is available at each tower, and only guests have access to these luxury pools along with the poolside cocktail service and cabanas. Spa and Salon services are available, and a state-of-the-art fitness center complete with treadmills, cross trainers, stair climbers and a collection of free weights is open 24/7.

The customer service is excellent

Condominium owners here at the Signature also know how excellent the customer service is. From the front desk staff to the cleaning and housekeeping personnel, to the helpful security, to the room service, and the 24-hour concierge, all of these people are here to help and guide residents, and make their lives here easy and safe.

Units include amazing features

Individual condo units have amazing features that will bring luxury, comfort, and convenience to the residents. Rooms are painted with soothing brown and cream hues, has sleek furnishings and classic details, and natural lighting that comes from the windows. Each unit comes with modern appliances and electronics, a king-sized bed, a kitchen or a kitchenette, a flat-screen TV, a whirlpool tub and marble bathrooms that are spacious and luxurious.

Some residences have stunning views

Now, looking for a room with a balcony among Las Vegas hotels will be hard, but The Signature at MGM Grand has available rooms and studios that have balconies or terraces. Owners of these certain units will be able to witness stunning views of The Strip, which can be relaxing or meditative after a chaotic day at work.

There is always entertainment

Aside from all the entertainment residents can get from The Signature’s neighbor The Strip, The Signature at MGM Grand also has never-ending entertainment of its own. Condo owners can catch performances from the Jabbawockeez or the magnificent Cirque du Soleil. There are also live performances from various music acts at the T-Mobile Arena, and other social events at the Park MGM and the Hakkasan Nightclub.

The food scene is glorious

The food scene here will be more than enough to satisfy the residents’ appetites as The Signature at MGM Grand has some of the world’s best restaurants! If condo owners do not have enough time to cook their own meal or they want to explore and taste new cuisine, then all they have to do is try the fine dining restaurants at the MGM Grand. For Japanese cuisine, there is Morimoto Las Vegas. For all things Italian, the Fiamma Italian Kitchen is here. And for classic American dishes, Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill is the one.

It is not just for thrill-seekers, it is also for peace-seekers

People also come to live here not only because they love the thrill and entertainment the MGM Grand has to offer, but also because they know they can find peace as well. The Signature at MGM Grand is sophisticated and unique, deviating from other condo-hotels which can be chaotic and crowded. At The Signature, residents can bask in the pleasures of Las Vegas without all the crowds and the noise. The Grand Spa at the MGM Grand is also a great way to achieve tranquility. It offers various therapies and treatments that will surely soothe both the mind and the body.

So you see, there a lot of factors—wonderful factors—why more and more people are moving into The Signature at MGM Grand. Its elegance, convenience, and comfort are truly one of a kind, and choosing to move and live here will definitely be a good choice.













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