How to use the electronic governor to prevent your car from accident

In the traffic accident files, there are many serious and extraordinary traffic accidents caused by wheel skidding. How can this kind of accident be prevented effectively?

To prevent the skidding of the wheels, we must first understand the cause of the skidding of the vehicle, or we can use the electronic governor.

Theoretically speaking, the tire reduces the adhesion to the road surface, driving off the direction caused. The reason is due to improper measures taken by drivers, such as excessive braking, acceleration or direction too fast.

There are three kinds of wheel skidding: one is that the rear wheel skidding will cause the vehicle to throw its tail in the yaw road, at this time, the driver cannot control. Two is the four-wheel skidding because the four wheels in the braking process cannot be locked. The three is the skidding of the front wheel, most of which will occur when the speed of the car is too fast when the curve or turn is turned, and when the road is skidding.

First of all, for the rear wheel skid phenomenon, it is when the rear half of the body skid, and experts advise owners of friends, no matter which direction the car skids, at this time you should not brake to the direction of the skid steering wheel, all movements as gentle as possible.

Second, when the four-wheel is skidding, the car owner will feel that the speed of the vehicle is faster than usual. At this point, we first let the front wheel find the ground force, take in the gas, do not step on the brakes, gently clutch, all movements as gentle as possible. Let the vehicle run slowly until the skidding phenomenon disappears. So this is the result of the electronic governor.

In addition, if the front wheel skids, that is, the steering wheel cannot be turned, the vehicle straight forward until the collision obstacles stop. Remember to wait for the wheels to turn, the steering wheel can only turn until it returns to normal, repeated braking so that the oil road to the most effective working state.

The follows are the basic knowledge of speed governing system:

1. The most basic components of the speed governing system

The basic components of the speed governing system include:

(1) sensor: governor (or voltage regulator)

(2) drive amplifier: staggered throttle, oil moto

(3) distribution mechanism: speed governing valve and transmission device

(4) feedback device.

2. The most basic function of speed control system

(1) Sensors: when the electric heat load of the generator changes, the speed of the turbine or the pressure of the steam extraction changes, and this change into other physical changes.

(2) Transmission amplifier: When the speed of a steam turbine changes, the signal value of displacement and oil pressure change emitted by the governor or regulator is very small, but in large capacity units, the weight of the governor valve and the steam force it receives are relatively large, so it is impossible to directly control the governor valve with this signal. The signal is amplified and then the speed regulating valve is controlled. This task is accomplished by the transmission amplifier.

(3) Distribution mechanism: Distribution mechanism includes a transmission device and speed regulating valve. Its function is to accept the amplified signal of a transmission amplification mechanism, make the valve opening change, and regulate the steam intake of the steam turbine.

(4) Feedback device: in the process of regulation, when the oil piston acts due to the wrong throttle sliding valve action, and through a certain device in turn affect the wrong throttle sliding valve action, so that the wrong throttle sliding valve back to the middle position. The reaction of the oil drive to the wrong accelerator is called feedback.

   Feedback is one of the indispensable links in the speed governing system, because only feedback can make the regulation process stable quickly and avoid oscillation in the regulation process, so that the regulation system has great stability.

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