What Smart Car Technology Can Do Now and Possibilities for the Future

There are few industries that are more exciting than automotive technology these days. It seems like we’re lightyears ahead of where we were a decade ago, and we’re only accelerating at a faster and faster pace.

In this post, we’re going to explore the smart car technology of today and tomorrow.

Recent Smart Car Introductions

There are many smart car features of today that were unheard of just a few years ago. Let’s look at a few of the cool features you can find on the dealership lots today.

Smart convenience

The smart trunk, smart wipers, and keyless ignitions are all examples of smart technology that has made our lives easier. And their value extends to more than just a few seconds you save when performing these functions manually. The fact you don’t have to dig your keys out of a purse or drop your groceries to open the trunk makes your driving experience so much better.

Lane keep assist

Lane keep assist is one of many safety features that has begun to come standard in many late model cars, trucks and SUVs. Many offer an audible warning when you begin to sway out of your lane. Others may gently guide your vehicle back into its lane. This feature is incredibly helpful for those moments where you may get distracted or feel tired at the wheel.

Autonomous driving

You’ve undoubtedly heard about smart technology that’s allowing cars to drive themselves. It began with features like parking assist and lane keep assist, but it has expanded to the point where fully autonomous vehicles exist. You may not be able to purchase one yourself for a few years, but the technology is there and manufacturers and lawmakers are working out the logistics.

Reverse cameras

It wasn’t that long ago when vehicle backup cameras were a luxury. But today, this smart car feature comes standard in almost every vehicle. And it’s a good thing too. When you have a full view of the road behind you, you can avoid any unnecessary and potentially tragic accidents.

Smart Car Technology of the Future

The smart car technologies of the past and present have paved the way for what’s to come. Things like sensors, cameras, and autonomous driving features will only get more advanced as time marches along.

Here are a few examples of smart car technologies on the horizon.

Car Communication Systems

In the not-so-distant future, cars may be able to communicate with each other. Imagine there’s an accident that just happened a few cars ahead. The car that stops short can communicate with your car and yours with the car behind you. This will help warn drivers, and possibly initiate autonomous features, to help avoid any further collisions.

Drunk Driving Detection

Drunk driving is deadly, regardless of the circumstances and should be avoided. There’s technology in the pipeline that would prevent anyone with a blood-alcohol content level over the legal limit from starting their vehicle and driving off. While the specifics haven’t been nailed down, devices may be installed in the steering wheel or push-button ignition to measure BAC.

3D Gesturing

Watch any action movie with a strategic planning force, and you’ll likely see the actors planning out their strategy with hand gestures on a holographic map or chart.

Well, if what visitors to the Consumer Electronics Show (CSE) in Las Vegas saw was true, we may enjoy that future-forward tech in our own vehicles. So instead of pushing buttons, you may control parts of your car by waving your hands.

Smartwatch Pairing

You can already pair your smartwatch to Android Auto or Apple Carplay for things like controlling what’s playing or getting updates on your turn-by-turn directions. But in the near future, you may be able to use your smartwatch to control your vehicle. You may even be able to turn on your car from your watch or use your smartwatch to locate your vehicle in a busy parking lot.

Very Smart Parking

There are already vehicles that can park themselves with autonomous driving technology. But in the future, we can expect that our cars will be able to communicate with the parking infrastructure to alert us to open parking spots. Gone are the days where we’d be driving around the parking lot in search of the closest spot.

Smartphone Car Integration

In addition to all the conveniences of Apple Carplay and Android Auto, in the future, we may be able to control our cars from our smartphones. The technology will be there to turn your car on and off from your phone with Near Field Communication (NFC), turning your phone into a keyless fob of sorts.

The world of smart car technology is already exciting as it changes our lives and helps us become safer on the roads. But as we might expect from the tech industry, we see smart car tech introductions accelerate at a lightning-quick pace.

So, which technology (new or old) are you most excited about?

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