What An MBA Offers You

There are many emerging professionals looking to break into the world of business, but very few possess the leadership skills, experience, and expertise required to rise within an organization. Earning an MBA from a reputable school is a key first step to developing these attributes, and charting a path to long-term career success.

In addition to professional credentials, an MBA degree offers students new networks, unforeseen job opportunities, and personal growth.  Many graduates characterize their degree experience as truly transformative—opening doors and career pathways they had not previously thought possible.

New Career Ventures

 Earning an MBA definitely multiplies your career choices.  Graduates possess the qualifications needed to change fields, pursue advancement within their current specialization, or launch their own business ventures. Many go on to become managers and CEOs, directing their company from a higher level, building and leading high-performing teams that drive success.

Increased Earning Potential

 Within just three years of completing an MBA, graduates can expect to earn an average salary of $142,000 per year.  An MBA degree is one of the most lucrative career investments one can make, with salaries rising across sectors, particularly within the field of finance. Still, enrolling in an MBA program is a costly proposition and challenging transition for many professionals. Those who are looking to study full-time must take into consideration the cost of leaving a full-time job and paying tuition at the same time. Many applicants favor part-time MBAs, like those offered through the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics so they can continue to earn while completing their degree.

Highly Developed Soft Skills

 The benefits of graduate studies extend far beyond career advancement and increased earnings. The MBA experience pushes candidates to mature and develop as individuals—to hone the soft skills that are so important in the world of business. Quality MBA programs train students to communicate their ideas more clearly, manage conflict more effectively, and work better within a team. By the time they graduate, students have acquired the self-assurance needed to spearhead challenging projects, bring a business idea to fruition, and question conventions to make way for innovation.

There is far more to an MBA than the advanced credential. A high caliber program teaches lessons that carry through an entire career. Graduates emerge ready to take on more responsibility, strike out on a brand new career path, or bring their own business ideas to life.

MBA-holders enjoy greater earning potential and are stronger communicators, team players, and leaders. Anyone looking to unlock their full career potential should consider taking the next step and applying for an MBA.

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