Understanding the need for impact windows

If you live in Miami or anywhere else in Florida, you must be well aware of the hurricanes and storms the city and the state, as a whole, faces each year. Every hurricane leaves behind several damaged houses and expensive repairs. The vast damage has led to many Floridians shielding their homes from the impact of hurricanes with impact windows, doors, and more. But are impact windows in Miami homes really necessary? Let’s find out. 

Hurricanes and impact windows

Hurricanes bring with them strong winds that can prove to be devastating to houses. One of the first places in the house to be affected by wind is the window. Sometimes, it’s not the wind itself but the projectile that comes with it. A regular window is bound to break when a projectile hits it or when subjected to strong winds. 

The result is wind entering your house, building up pressure within, and ripping the house apart. Impact windows, with their durability, can prevent this. When meeting the codes set by bodies like Miami-Dade, Florida Building, or the International Building Code, impact windows can help keep your house protected from winds and projectiles. 

 Other benefits of impact windows

 The benefits of impact windows, however, are not limited to offering shields against hurricanes. Here are a few other ways these windows can benefit you. 

  • Security: Impact windows are hard to break into. The hard material used for the window prevents breakage and holds the glass together, making it difficult for anyone to break it. This keeps you and your family safe from break-ins and burglars. 
  • Energy bills: Based on the type of glass chosen, impact windows can help insulate the house from outside temperature and help reduce energy bills. They do so by ensuring the temperature inside is constant and comfortable by closing off the seams from the outside conditions.
  • Insurance costs: By installing impact windows in your house, you are making your property less prone to damage, which can reduce your property insurance costs. These windows are recognized as effective windstorm protective systems by insurers, who may offer home insurance premiums.
  • UV rays: Florida is a sunny place and the sun’s UV rays can be especially damaging to your furnishings during the summer. However,  with impact windows, your interior decorations and furnishings remain protected from UV ray damage because the window prevents UV rays from entering your house. 
  • Value of the house: In Miami, most buyers look for houses that can last long and through storms and hurricanes. As such, impact windows make your house more reliable in the eyes of a buyer, increasing its value and resale price. 
  • Sound: Impact windows also prevent outdoor noise from reaching inside the house for the most part. This can be a blessing for those living in high-noise area like near a construction site. 

  • Outside view: Not knowing what is going on can be scarier than a hurricane itself. While a storm shutter keeps the house protected from projectiles, it also blocks light and view. Impact windows give visibility and protection in the same package. 

Different impact window options

When it comes to choosing impact windows, the choices are aplenty. You can get them in materials like wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Moreover, you can also choose a type of glass between laminated and insulated laminated, depending on your needs. 


When living in Miami, it is necessary to get impact windows and doors. Doing so can keep your house safe from strong winds and hurricanes. However, make sure to check if the window follows the codes and is sold by a reputable company. Furthermore, choose the right material and glass type for the complete protection of your house. 

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