Top Road Safety And Driving Lesson Tips For All Beginners Out There

In case you’re just starting to learn to drive a car and plan to read all the basics regarding the driving tips and tricks, then you’ve definitely arrived at the right place indeed. When you start out driving, there’s a lot to learn both in terms of road rules as well as personal principles that you have to follow when you keep your concentration and eyes on the road. Over time these rules and principles will be ingrained into your mind so that you can lead a happy and peaceful driving experience.

The following are some of the major road safety and driving tips recommended by various driving instructors, which you absolutely need to learn about alongside enrolling for Driving lessons in Birmingham

The Life Saving Tips You Need To Learn Regarding Driving And Road Safety

1. Always Get Familiar With Your Car

The first thing that you need to do before you start your driving sessions is to know the various functions to operate the car – thereby getting comfortable with the execution. You need to get comfortable with the basics regarding car theory before you actually start driving it. You have to learn what a clutch does, know all the gear arrangements, facts like not shifting to a lower gear when the car is at a high speed and so on. 

Knowing these small things will help you go a long way when you first try to forge into the world of car driving.

2. Get Your Seating Position Right

The car’s seating position is indeed very crucial and even the most mature drivers out there sometimes make mistakes regarding the same. Lack of any kind of control or comfort is the sole reason why so many road accidents happen. The seat on which you’ll be seating upon should be at an angular position for reducing any kind of back pain. Furthermore, the height of the seat should be such that you can easily see almost half of the car’s front windshield.

Your knees should not be stretched when you’ll be applying the clutch or accelerator. Also, when pressing the brakes, they should be done fully otherwise the full effect will not be seen. Your sitting stance should be upright and not stooping forward.

3. Avoid All Kinds Of Distractions

Once you’re inside your driver’s seat, you should be always focused on the road and the way you drive your car – nothing else. Always wear your seat belts and adjust your rear-view mirrors. Nowadays, most roads are jam-packed, so your mind and consciousness should be alert at all times. 

The two basic rules that you should be remembering is that you shouldn’t be drunk while driving and you shouldn’t be using your mobile phone during the driving session as well. The driving schools all around the world teach the exact same methods for driving. Besides these rules, you should also avoid eating any sort and not turn up your music all the way high to the maximum volume. 

4. Grabbing Onto The Steering Wheel Correctly

Even though there’s no strict way of holding onto the driving wheel, the correctness will generally depend on the way you’d want to hold it for maximum efficiency and control. It has been reported that the ‘9 o’clock’ and ‘3 o’clock’ versions are the best when it comes to holding the steering wheel. 

Holding the steering wheel in the correct manner will allow you to control the car through tricky situations and you’ll be able to reduce the risk of any kind of road accidents. 

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