The Best Wedding Advice from Top Wedding Bloggers


Planning the perfect wedding day is about more than choosing the right flowers and gathering your friends and family. You need to explore your own personal style to create an event that you and your partner will remember forever. Your wedding day might just be the biggest day of your life, and you don’t want anything to go wrong before you say “I do.” These top wedding bloggers share their best tips and tricks for designing your ultimate dream wedding. Not only are they masters of throwing great weddings on a budget, but they know exactly what you need to have the most special day.


Louise van den Broek,

Look on the internet what style of photo’s you like and look for a photographer who can deliver that. Once you find a photographer whose work you love, make sure you see at least one full wedding before booking. When you think “YEAH, this is the perfect photographer for us,” make sure you sign a contract which contains all the details of the deal you made. So afterward, all parties know what to expect and you won’t have any unwelcome surprises because only the photographer (and videographer) can make your memories, and they have only one chance to do it right.

Allicia Bankuti,

I know that DIY is so popular, and Pinterest makes it look extremely doable and easy but my tip for brides-to-be would be a delegate and don’t do everything yourself. It can look cheaper to do things on your own, like florals and decor, but hiring a professional allows you to enjoy every aspect of your day. The day of your wedding I can promise you-you’re not going to want everyone asking you where things go, what to do with items etc. If you can’t afford a planner, pick a point person, a friend or family member who you can go over your day with and have them be the one who answers questions, even this small decision will make your day that much smoother.

Annie and David,

When building your wedding day timeline, be sure to check with your photographer and see if he/she has any important requests. I always tell my couples to reserve 20-30 minutes for sunset photos. That’s the best time for portraits, and we want to take full advantage of the soft, warm light for bride & groom portraits!

Landon & Stephanie, The Hendricks Photo

One of the common things we hear on a wedding day from the bridal party is that they didn’t know when and where they needed to be. It is so crucial that your bridesmaids know what time their hair and makeup need to be ready. When they need to step into their dresses etc. What tends to happen if they don’t is that we end up having to wait for them to finish getting ready. It doesn’t matter how much they love you, the bride, they don’t want to be photographed without hair and makeup and we totally understand. These pictures are going to be shared online. They want to like how they look. So would you if you were a bridesmaid. So please share the timeline given to you by your coordinator or photographer so that they know when and where they are expected to be ready. The same goes for the groomsmen.

McKenzi, Cactus-Collective

Since we specialize in intimate weddings and destinations weddings, I think it’s always important to hire a great photographer or photography company. When people have an intimate wedding they don’t normally have as many friends and family there to join in their celebration so ensuring that a quality photography team is there is the most important memory from the day in my opinion.

Vashti C.,

Photography is a very important aspect of your wedding, it is the only tangible memory of your big day. So my one sound advice to you is to trust your gut. Meet your photographer. Meet a bunch of photographers if you have to, but make sure the person you pick to capture one of the best days in your life is the perfect person for you. When you meet them in person you can see if that person feels right. Always, always look at their portfolio. Make sure the work you see makes you feel something, because if your wedding photographs don’t make you feel the love you felt on that day, then they did it all wrong.

Krista Lee, Krista Lee Photography

Probably the biggest mistake we see every. single. weekend. is not allowing enough time for hair and makeup. We photograph many weddings every year and unfortunately, we see this happen probably 50% of the time. You spend months planning every detail of your wedding and the timing and the BIGGEST mistake we see is brides underestimating how long hair and makeup takes. And not planning that correctly can be disastrous, because many people plan to start photos right after hair and makeup is finished, and then head directly to the ceremony.

Here’s a hypothetic situation. You have 5 bridesmaids, yourself (bride), and 2 moms getting hair and makeup= 8 people getting hair and makeup. You started at noon and you were supposed to finish hair and makeup at let’s say 3pm, get dressed and do your first look and bridal party photos from 3:30-4:30, and then do your ceremony from 5-5:30 before sunset at 5:45. You didn’t really allow enough time for everyone to get proper H+M to begin with, but now one of your bridesmaids doesn’t really like something about her makeup, so it takes a little longer than expected. You don’t really love how they did your hair so you have them redo it. You are now 90 minutes behind schedule. This now RUINS your entire day for photos. Because now you have no time to do daylight photos, and now your photographers are forced to do your photos in the dark, taking a lot of time away from your reception. Makeup for the bride typically takes 30-45 minutes and hair can take up to an hour for the bride. Artists usually spend less time on bridesmaids than the bride but assume it still takes at least 1 hour each for both hair and makeup. Best bet? Plan hair and makeup early, and enjoy a delivered brunch and mimosas while you hang out and relax and stay on schedule!

Erdei Rudolf,

Photography is probably one of the most diverse services that you can book for your wedding. Similarly, talented photographers from two different cities may cost very different amounts of money, so the price is not a good starting point when looking for a good photographer. So, what can you do?

First, Analyze the work of great photographers, so you get accustomed to what style to you like. Never choose a photographer based on his price alone! Finally, Take your time to analyze portfolios of at least five local photographers.

Remember that photography is one of the most important choices to make. A badly taken photo can ruin all the hard work you put into organizing your dream day and your precious memories for the future!

Sarah Barnacle

There are two things I’m guilty of: first, I’ve never ever been the girl that thought she’d get married. It simply wasn’t in the cards for me, and I was ok with that. Still, in a series of unexpected events, I found myself engaged and thinking about the other thing I’m guilty of, obsessively planning everything. And while I have my amazing wedding planner from Erin Condren, mapping out every single bauble and button I need for my big day, the best advice I’ve learned while planning my dream wedding is exactly that, it’s mine. At the end of the day, the best thing you could do as an expectant bride or groom is to do the thing your way, even if it may not be Grandma’s cup of tea. For more advice on how to make your wedding that thing you’ve always dreamed about, check out more from the Traveling Barnacle.

Daniel, Mallorca Event Expert

Your wedding location is the foundation of your big day, so take advantage of everything it has to offer. Ask for suggestions from past events, as well as things to avoid. Learn from others’ mistakes and successes. The venue is a wealth of knowledge on what works and what doesn’t.

Emily, Emily Alissa

My best advice for couples planning a wedding is to make sure you find a photographer you absolutely love! Out of all of your vendors, your photographer (and videographer) will spend the most time with you. So it’s extra important to make sure you really “click” and get along well. With all my couples, the goal is to feel more like a friend by the time your wedding gets here. That way, you can spend your day truly enjoying the moments instead of worrying about what I’m doing behind-the-scenes. The best way to decide is to meet with a photographer before you book. You’ll learn more about how they run a wedding day, and you’ll discover if your personalities mesh!

Gabriele, Malagoli Wedding

As a photographer I always say to every couple: choose wisely the photographer for your wedding! After all, when the day is over and the party has finished, what will remain? memories and pictures. So it is very important to choose a photographer that represent your style and that makes you feel comfortable during the day. I can recommend three things: the first one is to book an engagement session before the wedding. It will help you to stand in front of the camera and will help you to know better the photographer that will shoot you during the wedding day. By doing this you will do a sort of “training” before the wedding and you will get a bunch of good pictures too! The second one is to plan your wedding in the afternoon, try to fit the portraits moment during the sunset/golden hour: by doing this you will have beautiful with amazing colors and no harsh shadows (the worst enemy for a photographer!). The third and last thing is: enjoy the day and don’t care about pictures! you have hired a photographer, choose him wisely and trust his work! he will do his best if he can work with no pressure

Amy, Amy Galbraith

As a photographer, I’ve been behind the scenes of nearly 100 weddings. My number one tip is to hire a wedding coordinator if your venue doesn’t provide one. Having someone to keep the day running smoothly, set up your decor, and coordinate with your team of vendors will free you up to spend more time with your friends and family. After all, this is probably the only time in your life you’ll get to throw a party of this magnitude and you’ll want to be around to enjoy it!

LimeLight Expressions,

When organizing your dream wedding, there are 4 main steps. First, set a budget: Everyone has a budget and this will help determine all the other aspects of your wedding. Then, decide the guest list: Before choosing a venue, you need to know approximately how many people you wish to invite to your wedding. Make sure to include both the bride and groom’s family wishes.

Third, choose a date: The wedding date can depend a lot on the wedding venue and whether it’s a destination wedding or a wedding in town. Finally, choose a ceremony and reception venue: Most venues get booked months (if not years) in advance. Make sure your venue can accommodate your guest list. If your reception is at a different location than the ceremony, you need to coordinate the time so that the venue is available after the ceremony.

Planning your wedding as early as possible will allow you to get the items (especially the venues) that you want. It can also allow you to receive great discounts.

LimeLight Expressions in Omaha, NE is a full-service Creative Design Firm. They are family-owned and operated with being an 8-time award winning event planning and design company. They offer various event-planning packages to fit your needs or can custom design a one-of-a-kind package, just for you!

Once engaged, most brides are just not sure where to even start. Everyone is so excited and there are so many items to check off the list before the big day. That’s where LimeLight Expressions comes in. They can take all your stress and worries away so you can focus and enjoy this special time in your life.

Make your event fun and memorable not only for your guests but for you and your family.

Natalie Cain,

I’m a fan of taking wedding photos before the ceremony. We still did “first look” photos, and it was wonderful to get our posed shots out of the way so that after the ceremony we all could head straight to the reception for celebrating! Nobody had to wait around hungry, and the rest of the evening was captured in fun candids (that, quite frankly, I enjoy more than most of our posed shots).

Lisa Gilbert,

There are so many little details involved in planning a wedding and it can be exhausting. You need to prioritize their importance to you and then LET GO. Think about the last two or three weddings that you attended as a guest. What do you remember? The food? The centerpieces? How great the DJ was? Chances are, the things that stood out to you are the same things that will stand out to your guests, so stop worrying about the details that will fade (is anyone really going to remember the exact shade of your napkins?) and focus on the ones that are are meaningful to you (like keeping the dance floor packed). Then, let the people you’ve hired to take care of these details do their jobs, while you relax and enjoy the best day of your life!

Lucy Flynn,

Food is one of the most important parts of any wedding. Not only does it keep guests happy, but it’s easily one of the most memorable parts of the event. It’s important to choose a catering specialist who can take care of all the stress for you so you can relax on your big day. Feast It is the UK’s leading event catering specialist, cherry picking the finest quality food and drink suppliers for all sorts of events, from corporate parties in the city to festival-themed weddings in the countryside. Their only stipulations are that their suppliers must be great to work with, bring a sense of theatre to any event, and to be absolutely delicious. They work with over 350 of the country’s best food and drink outlets, from Michelin-starred restaurants and supper clubs to festival food truck favorites serving unique and creative cuisine. However big or small it may be, every event is given its own specialist account manager to curate it from start to finish, so that you can sit back and relax!

Outre Bride,

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box with your wedding. Look at styles that inspire you, even if they aren’t what’s seen on the traditional fashion magazines. Outré is a French word which stands for unconventional, offbeat, and quirky just to name a few. Pair that with elegance and sophistication, and you have Outré Bride. Many times people associate quirky, eccentric themes with that of being unpolished and unrefined; well, we’re here to prove that couples can have the best of both worlds.

Angie Candell,

As a wedding photographer, there are 3 main things I recommend to my couples before the big day.

1. Talk with us ahead of time.

I always try to have a conversation with my couples a week or two before the wedding day. This way, I know the timeline, exact addresses, emergency phone numbers, and a rough schedule of when all of the events of the day will happen. Also, if there are any unique shots you want us to take (say, for instance, your great aunt, who flew in from the other side of the world, is going to be sitting with your parents at the ceremony & you want to make sure we get a photo of it), this is a good time to tell us!

2. Keep the “getting ready” room tidy!

I completely understand that things can get hectic on the morning of a wedding, but keeping your “getting ready” room clean can make a world of difference with the photos! You don’t want to remember all the clutter in the room when you see those iconic photos of you putting your heels on or getting the corset tied up on your dress. I always try to help clean up, but you can also delegate this to one of your bridesmaids as well!

3. Have all of your accessories & gown together

The first thing that I do when I get to a wedding is photograph all the bridal accessories & wedding gown. It makes it so much more efficient to have everything all together, rather than trying to track down where all the little accessories were put!

Lindsay Emow,

You only want the best on your big day. That’s why it’s important to carefully review all services and resources you’re including with your wedding. At Southern Bride & Groom, we believe in making your wedding planning process as easy and joyful as possible, so you can truly enjoy your wedding day. To serve you well, we are dedicated to connecting you to the best local services, modern inspiration, and personally vetted resources as your trusted North Carolina wedding planning guide.

Jessica Kopera-McCoy,

You’d never guess just how challenging RSVPs can be. For such a simple part of the planning process, a lot of guests don’t get it right. That’s why I always advise couples to number the backs of your RSVP card or RSVP envelope. Put a little number on the back of your RSVP cards that corresponds to your own numbered guest list. You’d be surprised at how many people return their RSVP cards without writing their names on them! With this number system, if a guest fails to write their name on their RSVP card, and all you know is someone wants chicken, you’ll still be able to figure out whose RSVP it is.

For extra peace of mind (and to avoid risking your invitations having to battle the elements), never drop them off in a street-side mailbox. If you hand them to a person at the post office directly, they are less likely to get damaged in transit. You can also ensure you’ve done everything correctly, from the postage to the writing of the addresses.

Clive Blair Photography,

As a wedding photographer, one of the most common things I see with couples is camera shyness. Even if you hate having photos taken, there are things you can do to relax on your wedding day so you’re pictures look perfect no matter how you feel! It’s perfectly normal to get nervous when being photographed so I recommend two things. First: Have a pre-wedding shoot with your photographer. That way you’ll get used to being in front of the camera. Come your wedding day, you should feel even more at ease having had the little rehearsal shoot.

Second: Choose the photographic style of your photographer carefully. If you’d rather not pose for loads of group photos, choose someone who primarily shoots in a natural, unposed, documentary-style like Birmingham wedding photographer, Clive Blair Photography. Usually, they’ll still be willing to get the essential posed family groups for you, but they’ll mainly blend into the background to capture all the natural, unguarded moments when everyone is more relaxed while not being aware of the camera.

Slay Network,

Make-up, jewelry, wedding dress, cocktails, flowers, gifts, the venue, the evening dress…the list is endless. It’s too much to deal with on your own. You need to find everything you need in one place. Our private social network is just like having your very own concierge feed you with everything you need! Take a deep breath and follow us right in our book that takes you to your solutions. Having the best of everything with minimal stress is the mantra for a happy and smooth life. But how do you go about it without fuss? This is exactly what our special network is about. Flip the pages and find out.

Cathy Martin,

Don’t let your wedding day budget run away with you. I did – on certain aspects like entertainment – because although they paid off and everyone had a fantastic time, I know they would’ve been just as happy with £10k less spent on the group as a whole.

Amanda Chopiany,

Be sure to allow at least 30-45 minutes in your schedule for your couple photos, this will allow you time to relax and spend precious time together as newlyweds. If possible, for the softest most flattering light, schedule your couple photos for the last hour leading up to sunset. Chat with your Photographer about your schedule before confirming the ceremony time and before sending out invitations.

Erika Scheirer,

When it comes to capturing your wedding, you want to cherish more than the staged group shots. Now and Then Photography recognizes the authentic beauty in life and is dedicated to savoring precious memories. As lifestyle photographers, they capture those rare, genuine moments that make you, you. Tell your story with Now and Then Photography:

Lisa Gilbert,

Best Tips for Organizing your Dream Wedding

There are so many little details involved in planning a wedding and it can be exhausting. You need to prioritize their importance to you and then LET GO. Think about the last two or three weddings that you attended as a guest. What do you remember? The food? The centerpieces? How great the DJ was? Chances are, the things that stood out to you are the same things that will stand out to your guests, so stop worrying about the details that will fade (is anyone really going to remember the exact shade of your napkins?) and focus on the ones that are are meaningful to you (like keeping the dance floor packed). Then, let the people you’ve hired to take care of these details do their jobs, while you relax and enjoy the best day of your life!

Gregory Byerline,

Treat yourself to the most important portrait of your life and trust a photographer who specializes in that portrait process.

Ashley Maton,

Exits! If your coverage ends before your exit, think about planning a faux exit with your bridal party! This is more common than you may think. Instead of saving your exit until the very end, you can plan a faux exit with just the members of your bridal party and a few family members! This allows us to have more control over these shots and the party NEVER has to stop! In most cases, no one even notices that the bride and groom are missing for a few minutes! Also, it’s almost impossible to tell that the whole wedding party isn’t there waving sparklers and sending off the happy couple! I dare you to look at my blog and see if you can pick out which exits were fake and which were real! This idea allows our couples to save money and still have all of the shots that they dreamed of  

Amanda Dabbeekeh,

My best advice to couples planning their wedding – make the wedding all about you and not about what your family and friends want. If you have an idea that seems out of the box, go for it! Guests will love that the wedding was all about the Bride and Groom and not what they see at every wedding. Incorporating personal details can be as easy as naming the tables after your favorite TV shows or having the caterer design the menu after places you both have visited in the world or even where you are going on your honeymoon!

Kelly Brown,

Every Bride is different as is the journey of wedding planning. There may not be a “favorite” part of the wedding planning process but from my experience last year; it was without a doubt the search for the perfect wedding dress. Most brides wouldn’t take it quite as extreme as I did. Being a fashion blogger and wardrobe stylist I really wanted to document the process, especially because I visited thirteen stores. Yes, THIRTEEN STORES you read that correct lol. If I could give advice to a bride it would be to really take your time finding the perfect dress and take a lot of photos. Only you will know when you have found your perfect dress. Enjoy and savor every moment!

Kaia Calhoun,

As I always say, the more thought you put into your own photo shoot, the better. As a photographer, my favorite clients are those that really think through the details of their shoot. They get inspired, they plan fun things to do during the shoot, they pick a location for the shoot that’s unique and special to them, and they book their shoot time to cross paths with the sunset. To get inspired: visit Pinterest or Google search with the keywords that describe the type of shoot you’re after. To plan fun things: think about what things you really love to do and make them a part of your photo session time. Yes, go to an ice cream shop. Yes, go to that carnival you love. Yes, go throw paint at each other. To pick a location: you can use that fun thing to define your location or possibly visit more than one spot on your shoot. And don’t forget, your own cozy living room or backyard might be all you need! To book your shoot at sunset: you may have to schedule far enough in advance to nab one of these evening shoot times with your photographer. They book up fast! Lastly, be sure to have fun! It’ll show in your pictures. Do all of these things and your shoot will be full of life, naturally beautiful moments, and character.

Paul & Crystal,

From the professional wedding photographer’s perspective – your wedding day is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life! Because of this, it is important to find a photographer that you trust and you click with. Of course, they need to be talented but they are going to share in and capture some of the most delicate memories of your day so they must also be the right fit for you and your fiancé! For Paul Douda Photography, our clients have truly become like family and it is so fun watching their family grow even after the alter. A few tips for the big day:

Get PLENTY of rest! I know it is a busy time but tired shows in photos so delegate some of your to-do lists to your wedding squad so you can catch some extra Z’s. Drink lots of water. Champagne might be flowing but don’t forget to hydrate. Not only will it keep you going for the whole day, but it also makes your skin look bright and fresh.

Finally, make a detailed shot list to share with your photographer! There are so many moving parts leading up to and on your wedding day and you would be surprised how easy it is to forget the simplest thing, like taking a picture with your great aunt who is visiting from halfway around the world. Make a solid family and special guest list of people and groupings you would like to have pictures of on your big day. HAVE FUN!!

Erica Gordon,

The most time-consuming part of wedding planning is research, but online research is crucial to your planning. You can make it easier on yourself by taking screenshots of what you like (you’ll probably take a lot of screenshots from Instagram and Pinterest) and also by using an app like Phonto to write text on each screenshot with details such as who the vendor is, what the cost is, and why you like the idea. You can take multiple screenshots of the same idea, and compare prices and compare notes before narrowing it down.”

The very first thing you should do is research wedding themes and see what theme you love the most. Once you decide your theme, whether it be vintage glamour, rustic chic, nautical seaside, floral, or a creation of your own, you’ll know which designers and vendors you must speak to. Choosing your theme ahead of time will simplify the entire wedding planning process because you’ll know what you’re looking for, and you’ll have a clear vision to stick to”

Jessica Hunt,

When planning your wedding, remember one thing: You and your partner make the rules. Your day can be shaped around what’s important to YOU. There are no rules, except the ones you make. Not interested in having someone escort you down the aisle? Then don’t! Are you dreading the idea of a parent-child dance? Then don’t do one! When it comes to any wedding traditions, evaluate whether or not that is something that fits you, your partner and your day. If it does not fit YOU, then do not do it. It’s your one wedding day; shape it around your love story and what’s most important to you!

Susan Shapiro,

You can simply and affordably make your own DIY place cards that look and feel very high-end. Purchase subway tiles or any other smooth ceramic tile that may be on sale at your local tile or hardware store. Hire a calligrapher or use your own cursive handwriting to write names on them in a permanent black marker. Add a colorful napkin on top of your place settings and then place the tile on top. It will look classic, beautiful and will be a special touch your guests will remember. They can even take it home as a unique wedding favor!

Molly Garvin,

Pinterest is my favorite site for DIY inspiration, especially when it comes to weddings. There are so many amazing sources curated specifically to help you create your dream wedding while still keeping the whole event cost-effective. Plus, you get to enjoy one of the best days of your life with the knowledge that you made the place-cards/table settings/ceremony decor/etc with serious love + hard work and that they’re unique to your celebration and only yours! To me, that’s what makes it all worth it!

Jonathon Dakarai,

For family photos, get different colored wristbands & give them out to everyone that you want to be in your photographs after the ceremony. This will help the photographer identify who is in the photos, & also which side of the family they are on. It’s a super easy & cheap hack that will greatly facilitate the most complicated portion of any wedding day!

Naomi V. Wilson, Creative Director & Owner

One of the most important tips when it comes to your wedding is to treat your wedding reception as if it is your first dinner party as a married couple. When you have a dinner party at your house, your guests are not expecting to pay for a glass of wine or beer. Cash bars at weddings are a no-no in my book. Catering to your guest will not only make them feel welcomed but is a sign of graciousness for being present to celebrate this monumental milestone in your life. If budget is a concern, have a limited open bar that consists of wine and beer only.

Laura Grier,

As a destination wedding photographer, I always struggled when I was asked to provide a photo booth with my services, but not anymore. Photo booths don’t have to be big, complicated, or hard to set up. With today’s technology, it’s super easy to create your own fun-styled interactive photo booth. This quick setup by can make any party more exciting. Simplebooth has created free apps with multiple layout options, live gifs, logos and graphics making it as custom as you want. Your guests can add image filters on the spot with colors specific to your event. All you need is wifi, an iPad, and a halo light stand – and boom, you have an instant photo booth. The entire setup weighs about 15 pounds.

Demi Mist,

Your wedding invitations should be sent to your guests at least six weeks before the big day. This way your friends and relatives will have enough time to arrange a couple of days off work or book a hotel room if necessary. The sooner they know, the better!

Theo from Eventrii,

In our experience due to a common problem of lack of RSVPs to invitations, we have found that giving your guests sufficient time and a simple clear channel to RSVP generates the best response. Typically, no less than 6 weeks allows your guests to make arrangements so they can attend your special day. Using allows organizers to send well-designed invitations with QR codes that allow guests to respond at any time using their electronic device and only take a few seconds to do. It also generates a guest list for the organizer.

DOM Barnard,

While it’s important to match the design of the invitation with your personality and wedding theme, don’t get too carried away with fancy fonts. The purpose of your invitation is to provide details of your wedding and where the guest can RSVP so make sure that your font isn’t so elaborate that it’s difficult to read what the invite actually says. It’s best to stick to a more simple font or traditional calligraphy style that everyone can easily read, and ensure that the font color contrasts enough with the background so that the purpose of your invite is clear.

Lizzy D. Lee,

Coming from someone who made all 291 of her wedding invitations on a budget, my best advice for DIY invitations is to create the wording template on Microsoft Word or Microsoft Powerpoint and then print them in bulk at Staples. You can bring your own cardstock to print onto, or you can use the cardstock Staples has available. I also included RSVP links on my invitations in lieu of postcards to further save on postage and printing costs, although I did include printed postcards for guests who are not as tech-savvy and aren’t as comfortable clicking a URL to RSVP.

Peterson Design & Photography,

Make sure you hang on to an extra invitation suite to give to your photographer so he or she can get a shot of all your paper goods. Your invitation sets the tone for your big day so it is vital that your photographer gets some great shots of it.


The best way to stay on budget for your wedding is to look at the big picture and pick and choose what you want to spend more money on. The chairs you love might be triple your budget, but the flowers will stand out and pull together the vision and style of your wedding together creating a visually cohesive look with a bigger impact than a chair ever will.

Bethany Walter Photographer,

Prioritizing your wish list is a great way to stay on budget! Working with a wedding planner who understands what is most important to you and your fiance is key. A wedding planner guides you with professional, reputable vendors and carries out your wish list while knowing what is possible with the budget and what is not.

Holly Birch Smith,

One crucial wedding day element that I find a lot of people forget about is sunset time. When a potential client tells me their wedding date, that is one of the first things I look up.  I, like most photographers, am partial to sunset & golden hour photos, so working that into your timeline is well worth it, and generally only takes you away from your reception for about 5-10 minutes.

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