Stylists’ Best Tips for Healthy and Shiny Hair


Hair is an extremely important feature for any woman. This is simply a fact, whether we like to admit it or not. Thus, it is no wonder that a good hair day can make us slide happily even through a rainy Monday, but an untamed and greasy hair day makes even a Friday night a nightmare. Having this in mind, we should make peace with it and give our best to keep our mane healthy and luscious. How to achieve this, you might ask. Well, although professional care is a must from time to time, you should also take good care of your hair at home. Here are some of the secrets that the best professionals reveal.

Hair extensions need some love, as well

Most women want long and thick, glorious hair. However, the truth is that not all of us a blessed with this kind of amazing locks. So, we resort to our beloved hair extensions. If you thought that you were one of just a few ladies that use them, daily or occasionally, you were wrong. Women from all around the world opt for extensions, from New York to Paris and Milano. The stylish and trendy Australian women love them as well, so it is no wonder that you can easily find and order high-quality hair extensions from Melbourne, no matter whether you are trying to achieve more volume or extra length. But what all of these girls have in common is that they all take care of the extensions, which means washing, conditioning, and regular brushing. Moreover, you should keep in mind to firstly seamlessly put the extensions on, and then style them with the rest of your hair. So, don’t forget that the same as your natural hair, extensions also need some love and nourishing products in order to remain alluring.

Hair of a woman is being stylized at hairdresser based on the latest fashion trend

Don’t wash your hair too often

Contrary to popular opinion, washing your hair daily is not a good habit. The reason is that this kind of routine can strip the hair of its natural oils, and leave you with a dry and sensitive scalp. The best you can do is wash your hair once or twice a week. If an emergency pops up, you can resort to dry shampoo, but make sure not to use this product too often. In case you have thin hair that gets greasy easily or simply love the feeling of fresh hair when you get out of the shower in the morning, you should consider using moisturizing shampoos, which will nourish and clean your hair at the same time, without leaving it rigid and dull.

Opt for silk or satin pillowcases

This may not seem like the most relevant factor for amazing hair, but pillowcases do make a difference. Swap up your regular ones with the silk of satin ones, and you are guaranteed to notice a change. The trick is that the pillowcases all of us regularly use can rub against our hair too harshly and thus make the hair extremely messy. Also, they can absorb the products we apply to the hair, which will be much prevented with silk pillowcases. What is another benefit of this kind of luxurious pillowcases is that they are not beneficial only for your locks, but also for your skin. You will notice that you start waking up with glowy skin and less dull hair than when you were sleeping on cotton pillowcases.

Healthy diet for healthy hair

We know that what we eat and drink has an effect on our overall health, thus, it influences our hair quality. Drinking enough water, eating lots of fruits and veggies, and whole foods can make the hair grow healthy and luminous. Moreover, some health professionals suggest that eating a lot of sugar can cause hair loss to a certain extent. On the other hand, Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin C, protein, iron, and biotin are some of the elements known for contributing to alluring hair. In case you are unsure which vitamins you lack in, you can always consult your doctor and see what may be the reason why your hair is not as healthy as it should be.

To sum up, we can say that the way to healthy and shiny hair is by investing a lot of love, a bit of time, and a pinch of patience. Stylists emphasize that regular visits to your hairdresser are necessary, but it is equally important to take proper care of your hair at home. Invest in quality hair care products, splendid pillowcases, finest hair extensions, and try to have a well-balanced diet.

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