Popular Roofing Headaches And How to Resolve Them


As a homeowner, you’re bound to encounter your fair share of roofing issues over the years. While a few may require professional assistance, you should be able to handle some on your own. There’s a thin wedge that separates a minor roofing issue from a major problem. If you don’t take timely action, then the small issue could well lead to your whole roof getting replaced. Check out the common roofing issues that you should be able to handle on your own. Just remember not to delay where roofing issues are concerned.

The roof is being repaired with adequate tools


  • Clogged gutters: You can ask any professional roofer and you’re likely to find that clogged gutters are a common issue, among homeowners. Clogged gutters are more common than you would have thought. These clogged gutters need to be cleared often and especially when you notice the problem. Clogged gutters cause both water and ice dams to form, causing water to back up and eventually to worm its way in. These clogged gutters can also cause wood to warp and rot as well. And that’s why you need to clear out the clogged debris right away. The debris is usually fallen leaves, construction materials, and in a few cases, dead birds.


  • Leaking roof: A leaking roof can cause major disruption. And you can fix one with the assistance of a roofer or a roofers port in Angeles WA. But you’ll find that taking care of the issue well in advance could help prevent a major catastrophe. Roofing leaks usually occur due to broken shingles, times, and even loose trim on the roof. They also occur often near chimneys and heating vents. If you notice a persistent discoloration on the wall, you can bet that the cause is most likely to be a roof leak. In case the leak is due to broken shingles or even near a heating vent, it çan be easily fixed. The shingles can be easily replaced, just make sure that you purchase the new ones in the same size and shade.


  • A hole in the roof: Nothing is more devastating than to have a tree or worse, a meteor fall through the roof. Granted, the chances of the meteor doing an ‘Armageddon’ is slim to none. That said, a hole can open up the room to the elements, it can allow both snow and rain to fall through the roof and destroy your flooring in the process. Fixing it is not that hard, provided you know what you’re doing. But it is always a good idea to get a professional opinion first before you attempt to fix the roof.


  • Stagnating water:  Stagnating or pooled water can be a major problem especially if you happen to be flat-roofed. In such cases, the water can cause the wood to rot as well as allow black mold, fungus to develop and spread all over the roof. Furthermore, it can cause cracks to form in the asphalt/ concrete as well. When you come across pooled water on your roof, act immediately. Take pre-emptive action and drain the moisture from the concerned area. This should help prevent further degradation.


  • Critters: This may surprise you but critters, small animals, insects, and even bugs may set up residence on your roof. They can damage your roof and much more. So make sure that you check your roof regularly and that you immediately clear up any critter nest, should you come across one. Just remember that you may need to use more permanent methods, where insects and bugs are concerned. Just don’t be alarmed if they immediately make a beeline to the next room. You can always call in a professional roofer to help you with this problem.


These are some of the common roofing problems you are going to come across often. You can handle the small issues on your own, and use the experts for the big ones. 

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