Pandemic and Dating: Is the Coronavirus Good for the Dating Scene?

The coronavirus has affected millions across the world, from their work-life to their love lives. With a self-quarantine norm applied all over the world and offices inclining towards work from home, a lot has and will change in our lives. This shift has led to every dating agency Sydney is home to conducting virtual events. Since we can’t meet people as actively as we did before, the scene of dating and relationships have taken a 180-degree pivot. As inconvenient as COVID-19 is, the pandemic may just have become the saving grace of dating and relationships. Here’s how.

The Slow Burn

Research has shown that our brains are wired for a slow pace in relationships. This means that the longer the courtship duration or dating period is, the longer-lasting the relationship is. The reason behind this is the time it takes to form an attachment to someone. This is something that modern dating didn’t have because of the need for instant gratification. The pandemic, however, has forced everyone to take things at a slower pace. Therefore, not all the firsts in a relationship happen in break-neck speed. Instead, people will be forced to take time to form a bond.

More Time, More Talk

Time is perhaps the biggest blessing of the global pandemic we are facing. Before the COVID-19, we spent the majority of our time working, taking care of chores, and meeting up with friends after work. However, now, we have more time to breathe, relax, and talk. More men and women are taking the effort and time to talk to their matches online via video calls, texts, and phone calls. This will help them bond and get to know each other better (and quickly) than they could before.

Patience, distance, and love

One lesson that the pandemic forced down our throats was patience. With many cooped up in homes and delayed services, nothing is going to be instance and we had to learn to wait. Aside from lockdowns and slowing new relationship progress, COVID-19 also has delayed marriages. It has forced us to love from a distance. Distance and a lack of patience are some of the biggest reasons for breakups and failed marriages. Through this outbreak, in some way, we have acclimated to being apart from our loved ones and having to wait in love and life.


COVID-19 has changed the way we live, work, and love. We are learning to be more patient, to talk more, and take things slow when it comes to dating and relationships. That said, we are humans and once the restrictions of this pandemic are gone, we will go back to how we were. However, we can certainly expect the lingering effects of this era. 

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