Optimize Productivity in a Team Following These Steps


It’s every business owner’s or manager’s dream to get more from their employees, which translates into increased profit and growth for the company. We all know that working hours can only be extended up to a point and that such obligations are rightfully frowned at by everyone. So, what are the alternatives?

There are many to choose from. Productivity is a complex issue, with many factors influencing it. Dealing with those most important among them properly will surely help you run your operations more smoothly and efficiently. Let’s take a look at the most common ways of increasing and optimizing productivity among your employees or members of your team.

SMART goals

You are probably aware of this concept, but it’s always good to remind ourselves of how important having realistic, attainable and measurable goals is. Your team has to be capable of achieving the goal, despite their potential doubts. Your deadlines need to be realistic, giving the team just enough time to complete all the tasks.

Breaking a large task into smaller chunks can be a very good idea, since the team members will sooner experience the satisfaction as a result of a job well done. Finally, make your goals measurable, since only then can you know for sure if you’ve succeeded in executing your business strategy.


Delegate well

No job can be done without delegating tasks to team members. Still, the secret is to assign roles and tasks in such a way that those entrusted with them feel confident they can do it and have the capacity to fulfil their obligations. This is where your managerial skills come into play.

Finding the right person for the job or vice versa is one of the most challenging tasks each leader has to face. Also, it’s vital that all team members are clear about their roles and, to some extent, with the roles of others. Everyone needs to know what their responsibilities are and how they fit into the big picture.

Open communication channels

Without communication, there can’t be any success, and you have to see it is a two-way street. Just like you need to be able to communicate your message to them, they need to be able to do the same to you. Not only is that important from the point of view of business, but they will be much more willing to cooperate and do their best if they feel and know you listen to them.

The communication can take different forms, but the rationale is always the same. Just like good SEO reporting, it should be relevant, succinct and free of all unnecessary information. Make sure the tasks are always in focus of every communication that takes place and that everything that is expressed is related to the job you’re doing.


Keep the motivation high

Probably the key to improving productivity is the motivation of those whose work directly affects the results. So, it’s your job to constantly motivate your team members, but that’s easier said than done. Not all people are motivated by the same things. Some prefer praise, while others like financial incentives. There are those who just want to feel respected, while some want to be able to get promoted or have an extra day off.

If you want your operations to be optimized and constantly at a high level, you need to cater to a wide range of desires, which is never easy. Still, getting it right is vital to the overall success. To be able to know exactly what kind of motivation is required, you need to know your team members well. So, try to find out as much as possible about each and every one of them. Use formal and informal events to get to know them. If there are no such events, create some.

To improve productivity is to improve how people think and work. Your job as a manager or business owner is to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and constantly monitor the performances and indicators. Only then can you actually achieve your ultimate goal of increased and optimized productivity.


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