Most Popular Wood Cutting Tools that You Should Know about

Each wood cutting tool has its own specialty in performing the said job. Though different tools are available in the market, many of us are not aware of them and related traits. You have to simplify and shorten the cutting process for which the right cutting tool will work wonders. 

So, here is a list of woodcutting tools along with the relevant characteristics which will be of immense help to you. 


Saws are available in different types such as hand saw and a power saw. Let us know some of these types

  • A hand saw is a basic wood cutting tool which can be found in various types. It has iron, steel or other metal blades along with teeth. Well, you ought to know that a hand saw requires extreme power and strength from your side. So, be prepared before using this tool. 
  • A power saw is helpful in quick woodcutting as it works on electricity. They do not require tremendous strength, and they offer faster results. Similar to hand saws, you can find a great variety in these saws depending upon the blade types. 
  • If you need a tool to cut trees, then we something for you. A chain saw is the most suitable tool for cutting thick wood and logs. While choosing this Australian woodwork, make sure you are comfortable in using it, particularly its weight. Else, this will be an effort-saver for you. 
  • A table saw is used for cutting a huge number of planks and lumber. You can seek precise woodcuts using this tool in a relaxed manner. Lumber professionals use table saws frequently. If you have a construction business, then this saw will help. Please note that there are different variations in table saws, and picking one will require an understanding of your needs. 
  • Pruning saws are longer with curved blades and can be used by landscapers and tree surgeons. The coarse teeth of this saw help in getting precise cuts and limbs out of the trees. 


Being high-powered equipment, a router is used for creating joints and for shaping the logs. Well, this tool is primarily a grooming device that can help you round off your woods. It is also used to create slots and grooves. 


A lathe is a sophisticated tool that can help you in attaching other devices as well in it. A lathe is perfect for making precision cuts and shaping woods to be further used in decoration. Though it is a bit expensive, it can be treated as a valuable investment. Moreover, buy from a competent dealer to seek the best quality device. 

So, one should be aware of the above wood cutting tools to buy the right one. 

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