Dog Care Tips: How To Be An Awesome Dog Parent

Bringing a dog home is sheer joy. A dog fills your life with happiness and you make loads of memories. A dog also provides for a perfect companion in old age and to people with no social life. A dog changes your life in many ways. For good, of course.

But, do you know your dog well? Are you aware of its likes and dislikes, or the portions of food to give to him? Do you know how much water his body needs in a day? Probably not! Here are some tips that will help you take good care of your companion. Let’s start!

Clean Environment

‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ and we couldn’t agree more. Just like you wouldn’t want to be around in an unclean or messed up environment, your dog wouldn’t either.

At all times, ensure your house is clean and all objects are kept at their places. Dogs pick up everything that they find loose with their mouths, so to prevent them from hurting themselves, keep sharp objects away from them. Provide your dog with a clean, organized, and hygienic environment.

Healthy Diet

Different breeds need different portions of food, and at different intervals. Your dog’s age and activity level also determine the amount of food you should be feeding it. Refrain from offering it food from your plate, no matter how innocently he looks at you with his big eyes.

Always keep a supply of fresh and cold water near your dog to ensure it drinks enough water to keep him hydrated throughout the day. Consult your vet if you have any doubts about the portion of food or water appropriate for your dog.


Dogs are always excited and in a playful mood. They may wander out chasing an odour or in search of food. You don’t want to spend hours or even days looking for him, right? Such a nightmare that would be!

To prevent this, write your name, address, and contact details on the collar of your dog which serves as an identification tag. You can also consider implanting a microchip for permanent identification. It’s every pet owner’s duty to ensure the safety of his pet.

Regular Checkup & Vaccinations

Make sure your dog is always in good health. Look for signs of discomfort. For you to be able to catch signs easily, it’s advised to read and research as much as you can about the breed of your dog. Take your dog to your Concord vet for regular checkups, at least twice a year.

If you are adopting a puppy, make sure you get vaccinations done on time. There are some vaccinations to prevent diseases like Rabies or Lyme disease. And vaccinations are not just for puppies, some vaccinations need renewal. Check with your vet for the vaccinations your dog needs.

Consider Dog Training

When you become a parent, you start teaching your child basic skills from the very beginning. You train him for every activity then why not your dog?

Yes, you can be a good trainer for your dog, but the skills your dog would learn in professional classes are beyond comparison. Consider enrolling it in puppy or dog classes so that it learns basic behavioural and social skills. You can also take classes on training your dog.

This will help your dog to follow commands, and understand gestures in a better manner and allow it to lead a safer life. On the other hand, you will be able to train your dog better and understand his needs accurately.


Just like you trim your hair, cut your nails, and go for grooming sessions, dogs need grooming too. Make it a point to brush your dog’s hair regularly. This will keep his hair from being found in the whole house and your clothes, and also allow you to check the health of his skin from time to time. You will be able to find signs of parasites, if any, lurking in his coat.

Also, give it a bath, brush its teeth, and trim its nails regularly. This will keep your dog in good health and also allow you to bond better. After all, who doesn’t enjoy attention!

Regular Exercise

Just like we humans need movement and physical activity, dogs need them, too. It’s your responsibility to make your dog indulge in physical activity every single day. Take him for a walk in the park or a short run with you. Play fetching or snatching games with him in your garden. Some dogs enjoy accompanying their owners on hikes and treks, and some are very lazy. It, again, depends on the breed of your dog.

Not being physically active can make your dog grumpy and low. So, to keep him in a good mood and active throughout the day, spend some time outdoors.

Armed with these tips, you are on your path to becoming the best dog parent ever! Hooray!

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