Maximum Omnichannel Experience with Magento Ecommerce

Magento development is one of the leading e-commerce platforms. The fast speed from the platform can help businesses compete in such a vast market. The faster your product uploads, the more are the chances of selling it.

E-commerce stores can survive the industry with reliable and long-lasting partnerships. Magento provides a long-term business policy and growth plans to expand your business.

Magento provides flexibility and high-performance that can make your product launch faster and easier. Collaboration with e-commerce development firms is vital as you will need them to expand your business across diverse geo-locations. In simple terms, you need a service provider who can fulfill your business complications with growing years.

10 Features of Magento Development Services for Enterprise

Magento development services include all the features you need to build and manage your e-commerce store. Here are the top ten features of Magento.

1. Marketing, Promotion & Conversion Tools

Magento not only manages your e-commerce store but also helps you promote and endorse your brand. This platform offers various advertising tools to enhance your brand’s visibility. The tools incorporate:

  • Cross-sell product
  • Unrestricted shipping and encourages new product list
  • Usage monitoring of coupons and weekly newsletters and polls
  • Options to circulate coupon codes through emails, newsletters, and text messages

2. Catalog Management

Irrespective of what you sell, electronics, beauty products, shoes, and apparel, the first thing you will need is a catalog, which is the key component of your virtual store. Magento has a wide range of features that assists catalog management efficiently and effectively. Some of them are as follows:

  • Assists virtual products
  • Efficiently edits and delete reviews
  • Comprehensive inventory management
  • Offers customizable features such as watermarking and resizing

3. SEO-centric Service

Magento development includes a wide range of options that can smoothen the SEO process for your virtual store. The features of Magento SEO are:

  • Generates Google sitemaps
  • Auto-sorts popular searches and modifies
  • Encourages Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Less usage of .css and .js files
  • Convenient to meta-tag products

4. Order Management

Magento e-commerce provides an unparalleled order management system. Consumers have various options, like:

  • Complete call center support for product configuration and exchange
  • Enables printing of invoices, shipping labels, and packing slips
  • Allows editing, viewing, creating, and fulfilling orders directly from admin panel
  • Enables email notifications and RSS feed for new orders and more

5. Checkout Payment & Shipping

Shipping and payment are important aspects for consumers when selecting the ideal platform for eCommerce. Magento incorporates various payment and shipping options for an enhanced customer experience.

  • Predicts shipping costs and shopping cart tax
  • Single-page checkout
  • Ships to multiple order in one order
  • Magento integrates with and Paypal
  • Order tracking, flat rate, and free shipping

6. Site Management

Magento understands the value of complete site management and brings a very user-friendly experience with that. It allows businesses to manage multiple websites and virtual stores with a single installation.

  • Regulate sites from admin panel and only shares important and required information
  • Offers templates with customized design
  • Integrates Magento third-party apps easily

7. International Assistance & Customer Service

Magento offers great back-end tools and a community for transnational customer support.

  • Supports local and international tax rates and currencies
  • The choice for a shipping destination, international registration, and payment
  • Cookie notification
  • ‘Contact Us’ application form
  • Order tracking, history, and email updates

Customer service is vital for ecommerce development. The more you enhance your customer service the faster your products will sell.

8.  Mobile- friendly Trading

This is among the most popular features on the list. Mobile-friendly e-commerce means that the website will load efficiently on small screen devices with great optimization.

  • User-friendly and precise product display
  • Supports audio and video files
  • Enables features, like swap, zoom, and multi-touch
  • Uses mobile HTML5 technology to create an online mobile-friendly storefront
  • Magento even enables drag and drop features

9.  Reporting & Analytics

Magento offers different features for reporting analytics and tracking. These features help small businesses keep track of their numbers and report the success rate of the e-commerce store.

  • Uses Google Analytics for precise and accurate analytics
  • Sends instant alerts on the cart abandonment and low stock report
  • Product review report
  • Tax and sales report

10. User Account

With so many Magento capabilities, managing the user account is easy and convenient.

  • Easy-to-comprehend dashboard
  • Allows storing unlimited address
  • Recent history, status, and orders
  • Saves wish lists with comments


Magento development has made both wholesale and retail markets a solo sector. Many businesses that serve consumers directly are approaching wholesale stores and are also forming alliances with retailers.

On the other hand, many wholesale businesses are serving consumers directly through online portals. Magento provides native functionalities for retail and wholesale business models. If you are looking for a long term robust platform, it is the ideal choice for every business.

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