Live a Greener Life: 12 Ways to Make Your Rental Apartment Eco-friendly

Living towards a cleaner, greener, and living in a more environmental-friendly lifestyle is an ideal way to help conserve the planet Earth. Besides using eco-friendly products, one way to show your green advocacy is to live in eco-friendly spaces such as apartments from Bloomington, Indiana to Los Angeles, California. You can help benefit the planet by living in your environmentally-conscious apartment.

You can also get benefits such as saving your money and live a healthier lifestyle. So, get your notes and take your cue from ways to help green your rental apartment.

Get a Natural and an Eco-Friendly Bedroom

Having a more natural and an eco-friendly bedroom in your apartment is helpful in making it greener. It doesn’t matter how many bedrooms should an apartment has, as long as you can make it sustainable.

You can use non-toxic paint for your room to avoid acquiring health problems from the chemicals and avoid damaging the environment as well. Using an organic cotton bedding instead of other conventional beddings and buying some eco-friendly lights for your lighting would also be ideal.

Reduce Your Electricity Usage

You can get a green rental apartment by reducing your electricity usage and search the cleaner energy supply options. One of these cleaner energy supply options is the use of green power. You can check your local electrical company to get the green power option.

Another option for your green apartment is the roof insulation. Roof insulation helps to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are damaging for the environment. This option is ideal in controlling the heating and cooling of your home.

Seek the Better Lighting Options

Help reduce the carbon footprint from your apartment and reduce your electricity consumption by switching to better lighting options. You can make a greener rental apartment by illuminating it using the light fixtures made with recycled goods such as the glass bottles.

Choose the Non-Toxic Paints

Another one of those ways to green your rental apartment is by choosing the non-toxic paints. With your landlord’s approval, you can paint your walls with some neutral colors to get a fresh look and get an environmentally-friendly apartment as well.

The Less is More for Your Water Consumption

Consuming less water is an ideal way to achieve an eco-friendly apartment because less is more when it comes to your water consumption. You can change your showerhead with low-flow faucets and showerheads that are Energy Star labeled to help you save water and money as well.

Your water conservation will be crucial if you want to live in a greener lifestyle. Make sure also to lessen your shower time and make sure only to run your dishwasher when it’s full.

Make Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly

According to some research, your bathroom is one of the areas in your home that requires the most significant amount of water usage. So, achieving a greener rental apartment should involve providing eco-friendly features for your bathroom and toilets.

Going green for your bathroom is both helpful for the environment without hurting your wallet as well. You can install the water-efficient showerheads or use some water-efficient bathroom features such as dual-flush toilets to save a significant amount of water every year.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat and using it correctly is essential to help you save money regarding your heating costs. Programmable thermostats provide you with energy saving benefits, improve your comfort, cost-effective savings, and convenience as well.

Programmable thermostats contain no mercury, that is why they are eco-friendly and perfect for achieving your environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Install an Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan

Installing an energy efficient ceiling fan is an ideal way to keep your apartment cool without spending much of your money. Using this energy efficient ceiling fan helps you to reduce your energy costs, electricity usage, and avoid giving damages to the environment.

Reduce Food Waste

Most food waste ends in the landfill that decays and produces the damaging greenhouse gas methane that could cause a severe impact on the environment. That is why reducing your food waste is essential to prevent these damages from happening to the environment and getting a greener rental apartment as well.

Use Your Balcony to Grow Herbs and Vegetables

Get a green rental environment by growing some herbs and vegetables in the pots. Using these pots are an environmentally friendly way to grow your vegetables and herbs in your apartment.

Having potted vegetables on your apartment is a way to reuse the recyclable materials such as cans, trays, and other pots. Also, they will provide you with lesser buying and give benefits to the environment. Thus, this is a simple way to go green that surely counts.

Weatherizing Your Apartment Makes a Difference

Weatherizing your apartment is a way to improve the area while helping you save money because it saves energy, and enhances your comfort as well that will make your apartment greener.

Weatherizing is essential in controlling the temperature inside your apartment by protecting it and its interior from the elements, such as the wind, sunlight, and precipitation.

Make Green Decorations

You can consider adding decorations with an eco-friendly touch to make your apartment green and environmentally friendly. For your kitchen and bathroom, you can buy a durable and a water-resistant bamboo mat.

You can also upgrade your living area with the organic throw pillows. Thus, choosing the things made from recycled goods and raw materials will add a contemporary look and a natural feel for the place and is best to take good care of the environment as well.


Living in your green rental apartment is one of the simple solutions towards preserving the sanctity of the earth. Indeed, living on it provides you a lot of benefits such as saving money, live a healthier lifestyle, and reduce the environmentally damaging gases.

Thus, above is the list of the ways that could give you a better illustration with how to make your rental apartment greener, that results to an eco-friendly atmosphere.

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