Know More About Best Bra Types And Size And How It Is Determined

When you visit a departmental store or a lingerie line to buy your bra, the sales assistant will surely help you out if you do not know about the size you require. However, having knowledge about the size will not only raise your confidence but will also clear any doubts while you choose your bra.   

The bra is the most essential part of women clothing though most of the times it is not considered seriously. Most of the women think that since it is not revealed to others, there is no need to consider it seriously. On the contrary, if you want to look fashionable and be comfortable wearing a bra you should consider these factors.

The perfect bra size will make a considerable impact on your outfit and appeal to the others. Therefore, choosing the right bra is essential especially if you have to attend any party. It must go well with your clothes as well as the material of the dress, blouse, or T-shirt you will wear over it.

In short, an improper bra will make you look inappropriately adorned.

Determining the size of a bra 

Firstly, you must know how the size of a bra is determined so that you pick the right bra size. This will help you to stay comfortable, relaxed and properly supported. Typically in the US, there are two specific pieces in which the bra size is broken down. These are:

  • Chest size which is an even number like 32, 34, 36 and so forth and 
  • Cup sizes that are denoted in letters such as A, B, or C. 

However, in other countries, the chest size may be the same but the cup sizes may be denoted differently such as AA, A, B, C, D, DD, and so on.

  • To know your chest size you can run a measuring tape under your breasts and around the back. Make sure that you do not hold the tape too tightly. Mark where the tape meets and add five inches to the number. This is actually your chest size. 
  • As for the cups, do the same but this time at the fullest part of the top of your breasts. Deduct the chest measurement from the figure and you will get a number between 1 and 4 inches which is your cup size.

Then you will have to relate this measurement in inches to the actual cup size that, as said earlier, is denoted in letters. It is:

  • Less than 1 inch will denote AA bra cup size
  • 1 inch will denote an A size cup
  • 2 inches will signify size B
  • 3 inches will be considered as C and 
  • 4 inches as D size cups.

However, if your measure is an odd number you must round it up to the next even number. This is typically a situation faced by young girls as they grow so fast that even after rounding it down, they will not fit in the bra for a long time, if at all. For the best measure, you can use a cup size calculator that will minimize the chances of any errors. Typically, girls are considered good to wear a bra once they have an A cup size.

Wearing a bra

It is also needed to wear a bra in the right way. Therefore, you must learn how to wear it so that you do not look odd or feel embarrassed wearing an ill-fitting or improperly worn bra. If you do not know how to wear a bra, do not feel embarrassed to ask your mother or an adult.

To put on your bra perfectly, you should follow a few specific steps. This includes:

  • Putting your arms through the bra straps
  • Leaning forward to ensure that your breasts fall properly into the cups
  • Fastening the back of the bra in the middle hook

Make sure that you adjust the straps if necessary and if you feel uncomfortable. If you need to change the size of it then you may have to refasten the back of the bra on another clip.

However, at this juncture, you should know that the sports and training bras typically will have no such fasteners. These are ideally a good choice if you are wearing your bra for the first time.

Choosing and care tips

Typically when you buy a bra, it is the right fit that matters. It can really make or break your outfit. The right cup and bust sizes are not the only thing to determine when choosing a bra. 

  • You must also consider the large variety of styles in bras. This will enable you to dress up your chest for any occasion.
  • You must also consider the different fabrics and elastics while choosing a bra so that you can launder it by hand or use a wash bag to clean it in your washer using cool water and a gentle wash cycle. 

If you do not want to shorten the life span of your bra make sure that you never put it in the dryer and instead hang it to dry.

Best bras for fashion

Staying with the current trends and fashion there are a few specific types of bras you can choose, but always make sure that whatever type you choose suits your needs and specifically your breasts size. 

  • Contour bras: Also known as wireless and T-shirt bras the cups of these will always hold their shape even when nit is not worn.
  • Underwire bras: The underwire feature will surround the base of your breasts to provide the best support and structure. 
  • Push up bras: These are a good choice if you have asymmetrical breasts where one is bigger than the other and this is absolutely normal.

There are lots of other types of bras available and therefore it will take quite some time to make your choice. Make sure that you research to choose the best one from the wide range of styles, colors, fabric, and sizes so that you end up choosing the bra that will keep you fashionable.

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