How to Use Video and Whiteboard Animation to Grab Audience Attention

People say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine how valuable a video is worth in branding. When it comes to grabbing and keeping the attention of your target audience, a video can help you get your message across better. Today, we are all busier than ever before, and time is becoming more and more of a valuable commodity. The amount of people who have the time to read lengthy articles, blog posts, and sales pitches is dwindling, with quick, bite-size content taking over the show.

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With so much information now available to them online, people not only want to make sure that they are keeping up with everything, but also that they are doing so in the most time efficient way. This is just one of the main reasons why video is such a successful marketing tactic. In fact, a recent study found that people read less than 20% of articles that they are interested in. Compare that to video, where statistics show that 70% of internet users are watching online video and the number is only expected to grow.

So, how can you use video to grab the attention of your audience? Let’s find out.

#1. Explain Your Products and Services:

Explainer videos are rapidly growing in popularity because they provide brands with a way to showcase their products and services in the most time-efficient manner. Whiteboard animation videos, for example, are a great way to showcase your products since they are simple, easy to understand, and highly engaging. In addition, they allow you to demonstrate what your product or service does and paint a clearer picture of it to potential customers.

#2. Make It Shareable:

Whether you’re making a whiteboard animation, an infographic-based explainer video, or filming a complete advertisement with actors, the key here is to make it shareable. With millions of people now using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, creating video content that they want to share with their followers will encourage better word-of-mouth marketing for your brand. Focus on something that’s new, exciting, and tells a story that hasn’t been heard before.

#3. Address Your Audience:

This one is hugely important if you’re making a whiteboard animation or explainer video for your brand. Your audience is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when making your video. Who is it that you are speaking to? When creating an informational explainer video, it can be all too easy for you to forget who you are advertising to. Bear in mind that the terminology you use may not always make sense to the consumer. In addition to finding out as much as you can about your audience in order to truly tailor the video to them, it’s a wise idea to address them personally. Ask them questions, get their opinions and get them talking. Not only will this generate more word-of-mouth for your brand, but it’ll also be hugely valuable to you when it comes to learning more about your customer base.

#4. Create a Captivating First Shot:

When it comes to putting your video together, it’s crucial that first of all, it’s visually appealing. Bear in mind that there are certain angles that simply work better, particularly if you are filming. The rule of thirds is one that tends to work well with videos, and it’s also used by professional photographers when taking captivating shots. Simply put, it means that your main focus should lie in one of the thirds of the frame. The key here is to not automatically go for what’s familiar; instead, test out different angles and settings, paying particular attention to anything that’s different but works well and will make your video more memorable.

#5. Keep them Watching:

So, you’ve captivated and grabbed the attention of your audience through an awesome first shot. But now the pressure is on to keep them watching. Keeping them entertained and interested is crucial, otherwise, they’re simply going to flick through to the next video in their feed. To do this, make sure your video is the right length. Most people do not want to watch a half-hour long whiteboard animation about all the different products that you offer. Keep it short, sweet and to the point. Today, people want their information delivered to them as quickly as possible, so eliminate anything unnecessary and tell your audience straight away what they are watching. It’s also a good idea to ensure that your script is conversational and easy to understand. When writing it, it may help to imagine that you’re having a conversation with a friend. This is true for whether you’re using a voice-over or text elements in the video.

#6. Tell a Captivating Story:

People are more likely to continue watching your video if they want to find out what happens next. Telling a captivating story is a great idea to achieve this, whether you’re offering a little bit of background information on your brands or products or coming up with a completely fictional story that can be related in some way to your brand. Or, go for true stories involving your satisfied customers – not only will this increase attention, but it will also help to build trust.

A video is by far one of the best ways to market your brand and grab the attention of your audience. By keeping your videos captivating, to the point and shareable, you can massively improve your brand’s reach.

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