How to Travel with Your Vape Gear in 2021?

How to Travel with Your Vape Gear in 2021?

Traveling still isn’t what it used to be, what with all the restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic. COVID-19 will significantly affect how we travel in 2021, but one thing won’t change – our packing strategies.

However, if you plan on traveling with your vape gear for the first time, you need to update your packing strategy. Orion Vape gear requires proper protection on the road to prevent leaks and damage while flying and with it comes a whole world of rules and regulations.

What’s more, some countries have even prohibited vaping, so you may not be able to take your gear with you.

With all that in mind, take a look at the essential tips for traveling with your vape gear in 2021.

Learn About Your Destination’s Vaping Laws

Before you start packing, explore the list of countries that have restricted or banned vaping. If you plan on visiting any of them, it might be best to leave your vape gear at home.

If your destination isn’t on the list, learn everything about its local vaping laws. There may be certain restrictions that you should know in advance.

For instance, some countries allow vaping, but only in private settings, while they prohibit the sale of e-liquids that contain nicotine.

Protect Your Vape Gear from Damage

Don’t let your gear roll around loosely in your bag. Put it in a secure, tight bag or package with padding that’ll prevent dents or cracks, not to mention an accidental fire.

Speaking of which, remove the battery from your vaping device so that it doesn’t accidentally turn on and spark a fire. Top-quality ePods have a safety lock that prevents them from turning on, but disconnecting the battery might still be your safest bet.

Pack E-Juices Properly to Prevent Leaks

The last thing you want is to find a big, sticky mess when you arrive at your destination because your e-juices spilled all over your bags.

Secure your e-liquid bottles in padded packages or, better yet, zip-top bags. Zip-top bags won’t let any liquid find its way to your clothes and other personal belongings, even if the bottles somehow break.

Keep TSA Regulations in Mind When Flying

Flying with vape gear comes with certain TSA regulations that you must follow.

For instance, you must disconnect the batteries and keep them in your carry-on luggage. You can’t have them in your checked baggage. If they cause a fire, they have to be in the passenger area so that the flying crew can act swiftly and prevent a potential disaster.

You must put all your liquids, including e-juices, in a zip-top bag, and their plastic bottles can’t exceed 100ml. You also can’t carry more than one liter of liquids. If you have a pre-filled pod, you must put it in the zip-top bag as well. Dab pens come in handy when traveling. What is a dab pen? It is a handy tool like a vape pen which you can use with wax.

Be Mindful of Higher Altitudes and Tank Leakage

When flying, make sure you empty the vape tanks in your carry-on luggage before taking off. High altitudes with high air pressure can cause tank leakage. The tank might even crack and spill its contents entirely.

Keep this in mind when going hiking or driving to higher altitudes because the same thing might happen.

Don’t Vape on the Plane

This traveling tip is a no-brainer. Don’t be that person who pulls out their vape pod, mod, or any other vaping device during flight and starts vaping carelessly.

First of all, it’s rude and disrespectful to other passengers who may not find inhaling second-hand vapor enjoyable. Secondly, every airline prohibits vaping.

So, don’t do it. And don’t try and hide in the toilet to take a few puffs. The crew would know, and you certainly wouldn’t want to cause any trouble.

Put on your headphones, play some music, or watch a movie to get your mind off the craving, sit back, and enjoy your journey above the clouds.

Make Use of Designated Areas for Vaping at Airports

Every airport has cafes, restaurants, and lounges where you can grab a bite or sip on a drink while waiting to board. But don’t vape there either.

Airports have designated areas for vaping, so find them and satisfy your craving there because you won’t be able during the flight.


All of these rules might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but they’re necessary for traveling with your vape gear safely. Not only do they protect your gear and personal belongings from damage, but they also keep you and your fellow passengers safe.

So, make sure you take all these precautions before setting sail for your adventures, as it’s the only way to a hassle-free, stress-free, enjoyable vacation.

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