How Attorneys Can Use A Website Audit To Plan A Law Firm SEO Campaign

Planning the right SEO campaign can be a daunting and overwhelming undertaking. Studying any type of information can lead to interesting results you can implement in your business, especially when what you’re studying is related to people’s behavior while they’re on your website. A website audit is a thorough study of all the factors that play a role in the website’s visibility on search engines. It provides a lot of information that can be used to begin a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, and this article will tell you how to use this website audit to your advantage.

Here Are 7 Ways Attorneys Use Website Audits For Their SEO Campaigns:

1. Gives You Your Current Ranking

The best thing about a website audit is that it compares you to other websites in the same field and gives you a frame of reference to where you stand in comparison. That can be really informative as it gives you a great insight into who’s ahead of you and how you can climb the ranks. Studying your own website helps you figure out where you are in the race to the top of the search results. However, taking it a step further and studying other people’s websites and where they currently stand can be even more beneficial. Getting a good grasp of what your competitors are doing, always helps you stay one step ahead.

2. Identifies the Best/Worst Parts of Your Website

Some sites perform better than others due to the natural flow of a website, but that doesn’t always apply if there are two pieces of content on your website that should both be performing well, yet one of them isn’t. Comparing the pages that perform really well with the pages that don’t on your website, by studying the website audit, is a way attorneys track which pages need renovation and which don’t. This helps your firm’s website improve any lacking pages and perhaps even recreate the success of other pages by implementing the same methods.

3. Helps in Developing More Content

Once you get your website audit, you’ll be able to see a lot of information regarding your website’s content, including how much time people regularly spend on it and whether or not it translates into any reward. This can be a very helpful way to see whether your website is missing content or if it requires more interesting content that appeals more directly to your target audience. Studying the patterns shown on the currently available content through the website audit helps you figure out which direction you should lead your content development team.

4. Supports in Determining the Keywords to Use

One of the most important parts of a website audit is figuring out which keywords have been performing the best. This gives attorneys a big insight into what keywords work for their websites and helps them tailor their content toward it. This can be a complicated process, and the lead designers of lawyer SEO campaigns recommend you to visit the Monopolists website to understand more about how keywords are used to your advantage. Attorneys always keep tabs on the Google Analytics page, which gives information about the keywords being searched for, and once they find one related to their firm, they instantly start building an SEO campaign around it.

5. Informs You of Your Website’s Performance

Accessing your website with the cookies already registered on your PC can be misleading as you won’t be able to tell what a unique visitor feels like on their first visit. Checking out your website’s audit can inform you of how fast/slow your website is performing when new visitors come in, and whether you should optimize anything to make the user experience better. The worst thing you can do for your website is to have it be a pain for anyone visiting for the first time; it’ll instantly drive them away, and they most likely won’t return either.

6. Informs You of What People Like

Other than just studying the good/bad parts of your website, a website audit also tells you what your target audience likes in general. If they’re generally more drawn to the profile of one of the lawyers in your firm, then perhaps you should spotlight that attorney and see if the results improve even more. Attorneys use website audits to determine the general characteristics of the people they’re trying to address, and they then tailor their content specifically toward them during their SEO campaign. It’s very important to keep the target audience in mind as straying off toward a new audience might not yield the best results if they’re not interested in what you have to offer.

7. Aids in Building a Better Image

Website audits inform you of how trustable your website is to search engines, which can be very important information as it allows you to begin working on making some changes around your website to make it more appealing to visitors. Making it very pleasing to look at and easy to use, can go the distance with building your firm a better image online. Lawyers often use the audit to plan out what type of changes they want to make to their website through their SEO campaign as the audit provides them with very relevant information to what they can do to spice their website up and make it look good to people as well as search engines.

A website audit is a clear look in the mirror, one where you see yourself with such detail that you can spot every pore. It helps you understand what your website is doing, where it’s headed, and how other people are seeing it. It equips you with the knowledge to change for the better. However, it doesn’t make you better. That part is purely up to you as implementing the SEO campaign afterward is the law firm’s responsibility. Ensuring that you study the audit thoroughly and then analyze it to yield the results you want is what attorneys are currently doing to achieve wide-scale success in marketing themselves online.

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